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The real game screen of “Wanderer 2” is released, and the game evolves to experience a new story of 8 players | 4Gamers

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The real game screen of “Wanderer 2” is released, and the game evolves to experience a new story of 8 players | 4Gamers

Square Enix held a live broadcast of “OCTOPATH TRAVELER II” at the Tokyo Game Show on the 17th, announcing the first wave of publicly available information and the world‘s first real machine game.

The second generation is still built by the original development team of the first generation. However, the previous work and this work are not related to the story and characters, so people who have not played the first generation can also play directly from the second generation. The core concept this time is still that players can choose their favorite protagonist from the 8 protagonists to start the game.

The eight characters appearing are swordsmen, dancers, merchants, scholars, thieves, priests, hunters and pharmacists. This time, I will meet other characters on the journey and travel together. What’s new in this work is a “cooperative story” where the protagonists will act together.

2022-09-17 17 23 44

There are four improvements in this work. The first is that the HD-2D picture is more evolved. The second is that the 8 protagonists are completely new, and their origins are completely different. The third is that this adventure stage “Solestia” has added changes of day and night, and the fourth is a new system that improves the playability of battles.

In the HD-2D part, it can also be seen in the video displayed on the spot that the head-to-body ratio of the characters of “Qilu Traveler 2” is elongated, but the details of the phase elements are also higher. In addition, there are changes in the movement of the mirror in the battle this time. .

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Day and night changes will not only affect the scenery, music, and NPC configuration of the entire game environment, but also affect the protagonists holding different map commands.

2022-09-17 16 45 35

During the day, the swordsman is a “competition” (requiring a certain level) to fight, and at night it becomes a “buy”, which can take a lot of time for players who like to study the sideline. After winning the competition, you can learn the opponent’s skills and use them in battle.

The dancer’s daytime skill is “Temptation”, so that she can stay with other people to act or even fight, and at night it will become “Begging”, you can get items from other people (requires a certain level).

The stage this time is two continents divided by the sea. In the real machine demo, I came to an orc village. One of the 8 characters is an orc. In this village, money cannot be used to trade, but meat. . In addition, there are more details in the whole map this time. For example, the previous work could not enter buildings such as shops, but this time it is possible.

2022-09-17 16 50 23

This live broadcast also showed some battle contents, including the parts of “defense breaking” and “amplification”, while the new action is “potential”. Potential value is accumulated by taking damage and breaking defense. Each of the 8 characters is different. It will be the trump card skill that can control the situation of the battle.

▲As of the time of publication, the live broadcast is still in progress, and the live broadcast of “Qilu Traveler” is the first program.

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“Qilu Traveler 2” is expected to be released on PS4, PS5, and Switch on February 24, 2023, and the Steam version will be released on the 25th, and pre-orders are currently open.

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