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The remake of the classic sci-fi survival horror work “Zero Dimension” is officially on the PS5, Xbox and PC platforms

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The remake of the classic sci-fi survival horror work “Zero Dimension” is officially on the PS5, Xbox and PC platforms

EA’s Montreal studio, Motive, announced that the sci-fi survival horror classic “Deadly Dimensions”, which has been completely remade from scratch, has been officially launched on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC platforms.

The remake of the classic sci-fi survival horror work “Zero Dimension” is officially on the PS5, Xbox and PC platforms

Players will play “Isaac Clark” in “Deadly Dimensions”, an ordinary engineer who is preparing to perform routine maintenance tasks on the giant mining ship “Ishimura”. However, what was waiting for him on the “Ishimura” was a living nightmare.

The members of the ship were massacred, and Isaac’s beloved partner, Nicole, was lost somewhere on the ship. Trapped alone, Isaac relies on his own repair tools and skills to face the battle for survival – not only to fight the terrifying monsters known as Necromorphs, but also to maintain his own crumbling sanity .

“When Deadly Dimensions came out in 2008, it quickly became a survival horror classic thanks to its famous sci-fi atmosphere and ambient storytelling.”

Phillippe Ducharme, Senior Producer on Deadly Dimensions, said, “As we remake the game 15 years after its launch, the most important goal is to respect the tradition of the original while enhancing it with the power of today’s technology. If this is The first time you don Isaac’s mech, we hope it will be as memorable as it was when you played it in 2008; and if you’re a returning player, we look forward to delivering the same game you remember as your favorite game Same experience, enjoy picking up a plasma cutter again.”

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The remake of the classic sci-fi survival horror work “Zero Dimension” is officially on the PS5, Xbox and PC platforms

Faithful to the thrilling experience of the original version, “Deadly Dimensions” is completely remastered using the Frostbite game engine, providing enhanced sound effects and creepy and terrifying visuals, carefully creating a new level of high quality for this classic sci-fi story adventure game immersion. In addition, the main game features brought by “Desperate Dimension” are:

• Advanced Engineering Fantasy:With no weapons or backup, Isaac must fend off necromorphs with the help of high-tech mining tools, skillfully dismember nightmarish creatures while solving puzzles and bringing the “Ishimura” back to life on his thrilling journey. “systematize the faults into its own advantages.

These experiences have been further enhanced in the remastered version, Isaac’s mech will be upgraded, and the arsenal will also add tools with more effects and functions.

Gunner Wright, the original voice actor of Isaac in “Zero Dimensions 2” (2011) and “Zero Dimensions 3” (2013), will also give his voice again in the game, and the protagonist who did not speak will also have plot lines. Through these new and enhanced narrative content, players will hear more of the voice of the beloved engineer.

• Uninterrupted “Ishimura” experience:From the beginning of the game to the production team screen at the end, players will not encounter any loading screens or cutscenes that may break the immersion when facing the “Ishimura”‘s terrifying narrow passages and dark corridors.

This remastered version further overhauls this huge mining ship, adding new rooms, routes and obstacles to it, while bringing a new interface and improved indicators to the map control system to help players explore seamlessly.

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• Intensity Director:It has always been easy for players to get lost in the beautiful and mesmerizing world of “Dimensions”, and now players will feel more deeply the weight of Isaac’s every step in the mysterious place. From the way Necromorphs spawn and attack, to environmental effects such as lighting, smoke, particles, and sound, the new “Intensity Director” feature dynamically adjusts Isaac’s upcoming situation based on exploring new areas or old areas. Each player will encounter the same experience in the same room, and each time they return to a previously explored location, there will be a new experience waiting for them.

Isaac’s heartbeat, breathing and responses to exertion will also be adjusted according to his stress level, thereby providing the player with direct feedback from his mental, emotional and physical state.

• Peeling system:The never-before-seen monster Necromorph is reimagined with an all-new Skinning System, featuring layers of flesh, tendons and bones that burst, rip and shatter in shocking new ways. In addition to key combat strategies, players will also experience more opportunities to be creative when utilizing a variety of unique weapons and abilities to combat these fearsome enemies.

Players can now purchase the remake of “Deadly Dimensions” on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S platforms for NT$2,149, or on the PC platform for NT$1,599.

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