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the return? Upcoming smartphones will have proprietary 5G modems

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the return?  Upcoming smartphones will have proprietary 5G modems

Despite the American ban, several Huawei smartphones could have 5G starting in the coming months. This will be possible thanks to a partnership between Huawei and OPPO launched in December 2022, the fruits of which however seem to be arriving only towards the end of 2023, with the new generation of flagships of the Chinese giant.

According to what GizmoChina reports, they have appeared well on the Bluetooth SIG certification website five new 5G smartphones from Huawei, which for the moment are still completely unknown to the public. The five codename of the devices are the following:

Huawei ADA-AN00
Huawei PSD-AN00
Huawei ADA-TN00
Huawei BLK-AN00
Huawei BLK-TN00

The peculiarity of the five smartphones, as can be seen from the letter “N” in their name, is the compatibility with 5G connectivity. Until now, i codename of Huawei devices have always adopted the suffixes “L”, “TL” or “AL”, which indicated that they were devices that only supported 4G connectivity, by virtue of the ban on exports of Qualcomm’s 5G modems to China (and towards Huawei and ZTE in particular).

In parallel, it is the database of the Bluetooth SIG has revealed that the Huawei Nova 13, Nova 14 and Nova 15 smartphone series are arriving on the market: the latter will also support 5G and will be available in versions vanilla, Pro and Ultra. The modems of Huawei devices should have been made from proprietary and OPPO technologies and with the collaboration of chipmaker Chinese SMIC, which will produce them with its 7 nm N+1 node. Of course, it remains to be seen whether these chips will be comparable to those of Qualcomm in terms of quality and performance.

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