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The shopping experience manifests itself with a meme

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The shopping experience manifests itself with a meme

It is now an established habit. Social proof, as it is defined, is an activity included in any process of choosing a good or a service. Before booking a restaurant, before buying a product online, before committing to an important expense, the consumer asks friends, relies on influencers, sift through online reviews.

In reality, it is a process that has always existed but that the web has made simpler, more immediate and global in scope since 1995, when reviews of books written by users were introduced, with all due respect to the publishing houses.

Over time, the online review model has risked being a victim of itself. Long before the fake news designed to influence a political choice, in fact, those concerning a hotel, a restaurant, a product, a service, a brand are born and proliferate. To the point that many ecommerce sites or review aggregators have had to run for cover to ensure the authenticity of the ratings. Often asking for help from independent and external services, such as Trustpilot.

One verified review per second

Trustpilot was born in Copenhagen in 2007 with the aim of hosting user reviews of any product or service. Today Trustpilot lives up to its name, as it is recognized as a universal symbol of trust. There are thousands of sites around the world that integrate Trustpilot’s review service, immediately recognizable by the iconic green stars.

Trustpilot’s purpose is to bring businesses closer to consumers and build a climate of mutual trust and collaboration. On Trustpilot, consumers are sure to find reliable information, because reviews are authentic opinions from real people who have had real experiences with companies, buying a product or taking advantage of a service. And on this they guarantee the rigorous processes applied by most of the more than 840 employees who dedicate themselves every day to identifying and removing false information.

Over the years, Trustpilot has evolved, allowing direct interaction between customer and brand and significantly expanding the content component. To date, over 190 million company and product reviews have been posted on Trustpilot, covering more than 714,000 domains, and these numbers continue to grow at the rate of one review per second. Trustpilot widgets generate more than 7.4 billion online impressions each month, and their content is shown in over 1.2 billion search results on Google every month. And consumers in the European Community trust Trustpilot: according to a survey, in fact, 62% agree that a good score on Trustpilot encourages them to buy on a brand’s website.

A meme against distrust

With the idea of ​​continuing to spread its philosophy and involve its community even more, Trustpilot recently launched a Meme Generator, a site, reachable at this address, from which it is possible to share a disappointing shopping experience while having fun . Through Trustpilot’s Meme Generator – available on both mobile and desktop – Italian consumers will be able to create and share a meme linked to an experience that has shaken their trust.

It could be a wrong haircut, a moving company that broke pots or even a restaurant that offers a carbonara with cream. Everyone will be able to share their meme on the main social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and / or Linkedin) and, by tagging @Trustpilot, they will be able to win a 3,000 euro voucher, usable in about 90,000 experiences (holidays, restaurants, etc.) that can be spent in all. Europe.

Building a meme from the Trustpilot site is extremely simple, it does not require special skills or to be registered. Once you click on “Create your meme”, you choose an image from those available and add the desired text. Finally, you share the meme on your social networks, remembering to tag Trustpilot so as not to miss the opportunity to win the vouchers up for grabs.

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