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The stars are exiting Rainbow Six Siege – Rainbow Six: Siege

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The stars are exiting Rainbow Six Siege – Rainbow Six: Siege

Danish esports organization Astralis has announced that it will become the latest major esports team to withdraw from the competitive Rainbow Six: Siege field.As stated in a blog post, Astralis is leaving the tour due to a change in the league agreement, which Astralis said“significant deterioration”and does not promote“Running Healthy Team Organization in Rainbow 6”the correct conditions.

Speaking about leaving the scene, Astralis CEO Anders Hørsholt added:

“We entered Rainbow 6 and the North American League with great ambitions and the best of intentions, and our American organization has done everything possible to realize those ambitions. However, despite dedicated and extremely loyal efforts by all involved, the Regrettably, the growth and lack of prospects in the league have prevented us from continuing.

He continued: “InThe enthusiasm for the game felt in the fans and everyone involved has been amazing and we have turned every stone to find a way to continue operating. This includes an open and constructive dialogue with Ubisoft, during which all parties explore possible ways forward.

“We appreciate all the efforts that have been made, but unfortunately we have not been able to find a solution where we can continue to operate while meeting our obligations and standards for the working conditions of our staff and players.

Before that, Astralis actually made a serious impact in Six Invitational 2023, with the team managing to finish fourth.

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