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The story of the five robots that Ferrari gave to the technical institute of Modena

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The story of the five robots that Ferrari gave to the technical institute of Modena

The son of the founder of the technical school was a friend of Enzo Ferrari. Piero Ferrari studied in that school. And, then, of course, the location: Modena. Mix all these ingredients and arrive at the recent opening of the e.DO Learning Center at the “Fermo Corni” Higher Education Institute. Of Modena, in fact.

A very modern laboratory, full of new technologies and set up thanks to the support of Ferrari which, as is well known, builds supercars and F1, not robots. But given that in Maranello they handle the most advanced hitech objects in the world on a daily basis, it was easy for them to make the best of the best available to the institute. Thus the Fermo Corni will offer students and teachers the most innovative teaching experiences for the dissemination of mathematical, scientific and technological disciplines.

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by Jaime D’Alessandro

This supply also includes five robots that Ferrari had built by Comau. They are called e.DO and actually more than little bionic men like the ones Elon Musk just presented are modular and multi-axis mechanical arms with open-source integrated intelligence. And they have been specially developed for the world of education. Already because inserted in the context of a teaching attentive to practical and cooperative learning, these robots become highly effective tools to teach in a simple way the basics of robotics, coding and Stem disciplines, in English science, technology, engineering and mathematics, an acronym used to indicate the scientific-technological disciplines and related courses of study.

An important investment, in which Ferrari strongly believes. The link with the territory, with the company’s roots, is very important. And it is no coincidence that Ad Benedetto Vigna himself and the representatives of local institutions took the field at the inauguration of the laboratory, including the president of the Emilia-Romagna Region Stefano Bonaccini, the president of the Province Gian Domenico Tomei and the mayor of Modena Gian Carlo Muzzarelli.

“Promoting the training of students – they explain to Ferrari – is an essential theme for us in the relationship with the local community. And with the new laboratory, we want to continue a path started by the founder and strengthened in recent years with orientation and training courses in classroom, school-work projects, the donation of equipment and IT material, initiatives against school dropout such as the “Educational Archipelago” and the partnership with Muner to attract and train the engineers of tomorrow “.

The idea, in short, as Vigna himself later explained, is this: to focus on young people, on schools and thus create an innovative environment in the Motor Valley. And let’s start immediately with something concrete: in the school year 2022-2023, schools in Emilia-Romagna can book 10 innovative teaching modules in the laboratory for free, each lasting 4 hours, following the instructions on the site. .

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