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The streaming platforms most used by Italians: Netflix is ​​growing despite the increases

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The streaming platforms most used by Italians: Netflix is ​​growing despite the increases

2023 has (been) a year of great changes for streaming platforms: Netflix has moved forward with its idea to thwart abusive password sharing, it really has removed the Basic plan to push everyone towards HD (as we anticipated on Italian Tech last June) e Disney Plus is ready to follow her in more or less everything starting from 2024.

And the numbers seem to prove the two companies right Also in Italy, where their market shares are growing despite everything. This is confirmed by the data for the third quarter of the year compiled by JustWatcha popular and useful app that allows you to know where a film or series is visible without having to look for it everywhere.

The story Netflix interrupts its rental service after 25 years: “If you have our DVDs, keep them” by Emanuele Capone 23 August 2023

Netflix and Disney Plus up 2%

Dal graph above we can see that Netflix is ​​still the leader of the Italian market, with a 30% share, followed by Amazon Prime Video at 27% and Disney Plus at 20%. What the graph doesn’t say is how the platforms are moves compared to a year ago (here are the 2022 data): if Prime Video remained stable, both Netflix and Disney Plus grew by two percentage points respectively. A sign that the new strategies work and evidently do not scare users.

The others are essentially left with crumbs: together, Sky Go e Now TV stanno all’8% (they were at 9% a year ago), Infinity rises from 2% to 4% and instead Tim Vision collapses from 6% in 2022 to the current 2%.

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Will 2024 be a turning point year?

The second graph, the one on the trend during the first 9 months of the year, provides other useful information, for example on the excellent (and somewhat surprising) performance of Paramount Plus, which reached 5% of the Italian market thanks to intelligent partnership policies with rivals. Or confirm the good running of Infinity, the Mediaset platformwhich seems to be able to combine the dual nature of a free and paid service well.

Now all that remains is to see how the year will end and above all what 2024 holds for us, if Netflix succeeds in its diversification policy, with greater attention to the world of video games and even the opening of amusement parks in the real world, if Amazon also adjusts the prices of Prime Video and if finally Apple TV Plus will be able to get noticed thanks to the undoubted quality of many of its original productions.



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