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The Thaumaturge Review – Gamereactor

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The Thaumaturge Review – Gamereactor

The Thaumaturge: A Look at the Potential Comeback of CRPGs

With the release of Fool Theory’s The Thaumaturge and other recent entries in the subgenre, the question of whether CRPGs will make a comeback is on the minds of many gamers. The Thaumaturge, set in Warsaw in 1905, follows the story of Wiktor Szulski, a thaumaturge who practices an ancient magical technique allowing him to see and tame otherworldly beings called Salutors.

The game offers a unique blend of exploration and combat, with turn-based combat being the highlight. Players can command a variety of Salutors, each with their own unique abilities, adding depth and variety to the gameplay. However, outside of combat, the experience can feel repetitive as players navigate through the largely lifeless streets of Warsaw.

While the plot has its strengths, the character models and voice acting leave something to be desired. Despite these shortcomings, The Thaumaturge offers a lot of content for its price point, making it a decent option for fans of the CRPG subgenre.

Overall, The Thaumaturge presents a mix of engaging combat, intriguing world-building, and underwhelming execution. Whether CRPGs will truly make a comeback remains to be seen, but with titles like The Thaumaturge in the mix, it’s clear that the genre still has potential for growth and innovation.

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