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The TP-Link Omada SDN range now offers new access points

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The TP-Link Omada SDN range now offers new access points

TP-Link enriches the range of Omada SDN solutions with new access points and new solutions for setting up more efficient, versatile, scalable and green network infrastructures. These are the EAP610GP-Desktop and EAP615GP-Wall access points, the DS-P7001 and DS-P8000-X2 Optical Line Terminal (OLT) solutions and the XM60A SFP GPON ONU module. The new devices, the result of the work of 7 research & development centers, are dedicated to the SMB & Enterprise world. Sectors today increasingly looking for reliable, high-performance, versatile, easily expandable and sustainable solutions from an environmental and energy point of view.

The peculiarities of GPON Access Points

Designed for desktop or wall mounting, EAP610GP-Desktop is the new access point of the Omada SDN product family based on the WiFi 6 AX1800 standard. Integra one GPON port for fiber connections, four GE RJ45 ports for wired connectivity, and one FXS RJ11 port for connecting a phone.

It can provide power to devices connected such as IP cameras and VoIP phones adhering to the 802-3af PoE Out standard. Designed even more specifically for wall mounting is the EAP615GP-Wall model, which shares the same set of ports as the EAP610GP-Desktop. The difference is that, in this case, there are two GE RJ45 data ports.

Optical Line Terminal – OLT solutions

TP-Link also offers a complete range of OLT solutions called DS-P7001, which host from 1 to 16 ports. Maximum reliability, advanced features and high security are the strong points of these models, which stand out for quick and simple configuration and efficient network monitoring using Omada SDN controllers, for complete control by operators over their infrastructures.

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The Omada SDN TP-Link range

For scalability needs, TP-Link also makes the DS-P8000-X2 Chassis available. A solution capable of host up to 2 Service Boards and support 32 GPON ports or 32 XGS-PON&GPON Combo ports. The redundant AC + DC power supply and the double control unit guarantee continuity of service even in the event of faults, for the best reliability of the network.

XM60A, the new GPON SFP ONU module

Designed on the D.984 standard and compatible with SFP-MSA, the TP-Link XM60A GPON SFP ONU module boasts high performance (1.244 Gbps upstream and 2.488 Gbps downstream). In addition to a maximum connection distance of 20 km in SMF single-mode fiber. XM60A can be used also as an ONT, by connecting the SFP port of an Omada Switch and thus exploiting the Ethernet ports to connect network devices.

What are the advantages of the new solutions in the Omada SDN TP-Link range

There are many factors that fuel the increasingly widespread diffusion of GPON technology in the SMB & Enterprise sector. First of all the excellent versatility and scalability, thanks to the possibility of expansion through the use of passive optical splitters and therefore without the need for powered equipment, as happens in the case of traditional Ethernet networks. To the full advantage of a simplification of the network infrastructure and low energy consumption, given theabsence of switches and routers for signal regeneration. There is then, again compared to Ethernet solutions, a more efficient distribution of bandwidth among users.

Easier management

In addition to greater flexibility, scalability and versatility, thanks to the ability to add new users and devices without substantial infrastructure changes, Omada SDN GPON solutions also add superior security. This is by virtue of the optical architecture less subject tointerception and manipulation of data transmitted over the network. As well as easier management thanks to the centralized architecture that allows monitoring and management of all networked devices using a single platform.

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