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The traditional Chinese digital version of the strategy RPG “The Last Spell” will be launched on March 9. Play the role of the commander to defend the town “The Last Spell”

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The traditional Chinese digital version of the strategy RPG “The Last Spell” will be launched on March 9. Play the role of the commander to defend the town “The Last Spell”
H2 Interactive announced that it will launch the traditional Chinese digital version of the turn-based strategy RPG “The Last Spell” developed by Ishtar Games on March 9th for PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch; the official release of a new promotional video.

“The Last Spell” is a turn-based strategy RPG based on war chess and integrated with Roguelite elements. Players will play the role of the commander, defending the town from the attack of the monster army. During the day, players need to carefully consider how to rebuild the town and place fortifications. At night, players need to use a variety of weapons and skills to repel enemies coming from all directions. Make your heroes stronger through battles, make necessary recovery in time, and repeat until the magic seal is broken.
The story of “The Last Spell” describes that for decades, wars have been breaking out all over the country. In order to stop everything, the mage caused a catastrophe. A flood of pure magic obliterates almost everything, and a strange purple mist spreads everywhere, and legends say that those who touch the mist will be killed, driven insane, or worse… Only a few safe havens continue to emerge from the mist Come to battle with monsters. Some heroes guarded the fort day and night until a few mages came to cast the “last spell”.

The Last Spell is humanity’s only hope, a spell that can wipe out all magic from this cursed world. However, this required uninterrupted chanting for several days. At this time, some heroes stepped forward and fought desperately to protect the mages.

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The following are the officially released game features:

Turn-Based Strategy RPG

  • Classic RPG elements: stats, skills, talents, traits… and whatever you want;

  • Rich equipment and props: armor, weapons, accessories, potions… In addition to values ​​and skills, equipment will also have random entries. Each weapon has its unique skill set and fighting style!

  • Highly free growth system, no occupational restrictions, cleverly match talents and equipment, boldly form a hero team that belongs only to you!

  • Your heroes are strong, but not invulnerable, especially considering the sheer outnumbering. Both health and mana are precious, and careful planning can save you from danger.

Against the Demon Legion

  • The number of enemies is far more than ours. As a commander, you need to formulate the best tactics, use AOE skills to cause damage, group control, poisoning… Every action point may become the key to turning the tide of battle .

  • In the face of monsters with rich combinations, how to maximize strengths and avoid weaknesses will be an important issue. Please be careful to deal with the elite enemies that appear on the battlefield!

  • In each town’s last night’s battle, there will be a well-designed and challenging grand boss battle.

defend the town

  • Reasonably use resources to rebuild towns, and strengthen combat power through treatment, purchasing equipment, and recruiting heroes after battles;

  • Build fortifications such as walls, traps, watchtowers, and catapults to strengthen your defenses. Clever arrangements can effectively relieve the pressure of battle;

  • Protect the magic circle in the middle of town at all costs! Once it falls, the end will come.

  • There are a total of 5 towns to defend, with different initial states and combat points, use your strategy to repel the demon army.

Roguelite Random Elements

  • The difficulty of the game is quite high, and it is common for all to be wiped out, but every time you try, you will make yourself taller, faster and stronger;

  • Randomly generated heroes, enemies, weapons and equipment will bring you endless fun;

  • The apocalypse system allows each game to have a different experience, and you can customize enhancement projects within a limited range. Would you choose more action points, more heroes, stronger city defenses, or better equipment drops? Experiment with various apocalypses to find the combination that works best for you.

  • For super hardcore players who want to challenge themselves, the game has prepared 6 levels of apocalypse challenges for you

The traditional Chinese digital version of “The Last Spell” PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch is scheduled to be released on March 9.

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