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These paid apps are free today

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These paid apps are free today

Many developers offer their apps and games for iOS and Android for free for a short time. But not all of them are really good. TECHBOOK therefore presents the free apps that are worth downloading.

Whether games, useful tools or learning aids – for many good apps you usually have to pay a small sum. But from time to time these apps are also available free of charge in the Apple App Store or in the Google Play Store. TECHBOOK reveals which free apps are currently available and has selected the best ones for you.

Notice: The free apps of the day presented here are mostly offers from 15. June, which are only available for a short time. If you are interested in an application, you should be quick, because today’s free apps could soon be subject to a charge again.

The current free apps for the iPhone and iPad


F-Sim Space Shuttle (sonst 0,99 Euro)

A 3D flight simulator with a space shuttle instead of a conventional airplane

4.6/5 stars (824 ratings)

Monster Trucks Kids Race Game (sonst 0,99 Euro)

A simple 2D racing game with hilly tracks and monster trucks

4/5 stars (35 ratings), includes in-app purchases

mySolar – Build your Planets (sonst 10,99 Euro)

Design your own solar system and defeat other systems

4.2/5 stars (315 ratings), includes in-app purchases

CalcFast (otherwise 1.99 euros)

Solve small math problems as quickly as possible

4.2/5 stars (9 ratings)

2 players 1 device (otherwise 0.99 euros)

A collection of games for two players to compete against each other, including Tic-Tac-Toe and Air Hockey

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4.9/5 stars (31 ratings)

8bitWar: Netherworld (otherwise 2.99 euros)

60 8-bit style levels that require strategic and tactical thinking

4.7/5 stars (120 reviews)

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NotifiNote: Notification Notes (otherwise 0.99 euros)

Allows you to display notes on the lock screen as notifications

4.6/5 stars (209 reviews)

App Secret (otherwise 1.99 euros)

Protect files, notes, contacts and more behind your choice of screen lock

3.9/5 stars (51 ratings)

Calculator Advanced (sonst 0,99 Euro)

A scientific calculator with built-in formulas

4.4/5 stars (51 ratings)

Pros n Cons (otherwise 0.99 euros)

Make decisions more easily with pros and cons for individual factors

4.1/5 stars (30 ratings)

Rain Noise: Nature Sounds (sonst 4,99 Euro)

Nature sounds to help you fall asleep and focus

4.3/5 stars (858 reviews)

Hatch – Focus Timer for Study (sonst 1,99 Euro)

The app is designed to help you focus – set a timer, don’t leave the app and get crazy creatures as a reward

4.6/5 stars (850 reviews)

The current free apps for Android


Irregular Verbs Test PRO (otherwise 2.49 euros)

Test your knowledge of irregular English verbs

4.1/5 stars (81 reviews), 10,000+ downloads

Math Connect PRO (sonst 2,49 Euro)

Connect the numbers to get the right result

4.1/5 stars (209 reviews), 10,000+ downloads

Cooking Quest: Food truck adventure (otherwise 1.09 euros)

Run a food truck and collect and cook dishes from around the world

4/5 stars (2260 reviews), 100,000+ downloads, contains ads and in-app purchases

Thinking games Pro (otherwise 2.99 euros)

Several small attention and memory games to train the brain

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4.7/5 stars (27,500 reviews), 1 million+ downloads

HEXASMASH – Physics Puzzle (otherwise 3.39 euros)

Destroy as many hexagons as you can with wrecking balls in this physics puzzle

4.1/5 stars (2330 reviews), 100,000+ downloads

Shadow of Death: Dark Knight (sonst 3,99 Euro)

A classic stickman sidescroller with action-packed combat sequences

4.4/5 stars (494,000 reviews), 10 million+ downloads, contains ads and in-app purchases

Hero Z (otherwise 2.19 euros)

A zombie plague has wiped out almost all of humanity in the future – now it’s about saving the last humans

4.2/5 stars (1850 reviews) 50,000+ downloads, contains ads and in-app purchases

Galaxy Attack (Premium) (otherwise 0.89 euros)

A space shooter in the style of “Space Invaders” – only more colorful and extensive

4/5 stars (22,400 reviews), 1 million+ downloads, contains ads and in-app purchases

Stickman Ghost 2: Gun Sword (otherwise 0.59 euros)

Armed with the Stickman, go into battle with ranged and melee weapons

3.9/5 stars (30,800 reviews), 1 million+ downloads, contains ads and in-app purchases

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Memorize: Learn French Words (sonst 5,99 Euro)

Learn French words with flashcards

3.9/5 stars (132 reviews), 10,000+ reviews

Memorize: Learn Russian Words (sonst 5,99 Euro)

Learn Russian words with flashcards

4/5 stars (135 reviews), 10,000+ reviews

Bluetooth Widget Battery paid (sonst 2,99 Euro)

A widget that shows the battery level of Bluetooth headphones

4.4/5 stars (418 reviews), 5000+ downloads

Age Calculator Pro (otherwise 0.99 euros)

Calculate exact age based on a date

4.5/5 stars (961 reviews), 50,000+ downloads

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