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These Samsung phones are receiving the major software update

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These Samsung phones are receiving the major software update

Google has released the first version of Android 15 for developers, marking the start of the upcoming software updates. While some companies are still busy distributing Android 14, Samsung is expected to be one of the first manufacturers to roll out Android 15. At the same time, One UI 7 is being introduced as a new interface. A list reveals which Galaxy devices will be supplied with the new software.

Android 15 for Samsung smartphones and tablets

Samsung has barely supplied most of its smartphones and tablets with Android 14 Google has already announced the next version of the operating system, Android 15. As in previous years, the work begins for manufacturers who have to adapt their devices for Android 15. Samsung has a lot of plans with the long update guarantees of four and seven new Android versions depending on the model (source: SamMobile).

These Samsung smartphones and tablets are powered by Android 15:


Galaxy S24 Ultra
Galaxy S24 Plus
Galaxy S24
Galaxy S23 Ultra
Galaxy S23 Plus
Galaxy S23
Galaxy S23 FE
Galaxy S22 Ultra
Galaxy S22 Plus
Galaxy S22
Galaxy S21 FE
Galaxy S21 Ultra
Galaxy S21 Plus
Galaxy S21


Galaxy Z Fold 6
Galaxy Z Fold 5
Galaxy Z Flip 6
Galaxy Z Flip 5
Galaxy Z Fold 4
Galaxy Z Flip 4
Galaxy Z Fold 3
Galaxy Z Flip 3


Galaxy A73
Galaxy A72
Galaxy A54
Galaxy A53
Galaxy A34
Galaxy A33
Galaxy A25
Galaxy A24
Galaxy A23
Galaxy A15 (LTE- & 5G-Version)
Galaxy A14 (LTE- & 5G-Version)


Galaxy F54
Galaxy F34
Galaxy F15


Galaxy M54
Galaxy M34
Galaxy M53
Galaxy M33
Galaxy M15

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Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus
Galaxy Tab S9 FE
Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra (WiFi- & 5G-Version)
Galaxy Tab S9 Plus (WiFi- & 5G-Version)
Galaxy Tab S9 (WiFi- & 5G-Version)
Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra(WiFi- & 5G-Version)
Galaxy Tab S8 Plus (WiFi- & 5G-Version)
Galaxy Tab S8 (WiFi- & 5G-Version)

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is likely to be one of the first Samsung phones to receive Android 15:

More Samsung smartphones will follow

Smartphones that will be released in 2024 before Android 15 is released will still be delivered with Android 14 and should also receive the update. This includes, for example, the upcoming Galaxy A55 for the mid-range. This does not appear in the list because the phone has not been officially unveiled yet.

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