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This camera “undresses” people in 10 seconds through AI

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This camera “undresses” people in 10 seconds through AI

German artist Mathias Vef and designer Benedikt Groß have collaborated to create a camera that instantly “undresses” subjects, with or without consent. It’s called NUCA and we will certainly hear about it for a long time.

NUCA has already sparked different reactions, ranging from fears of a artificial intelligence bias towards the cult of the body and beauty mania to enthusiasm for the celebration of beauty and the natural human form“, we can read directly on the project website.

After seeing the first stethoscope with artificial intelligence, this time let’s talk about a camera that will certainly cause discussion. Despite appearances, the reasons are decidedly noble.

Meanwhile, it is important to clarify how it is actually a “deepfake camera“. AND a small device which uses artificial intelligence to generate nude images of any clothed person in just a few seconds. And privacy? Of course, there is a clear violation of privacy, but the reasons are much deeper.

The main aim of the authors is in fact to demonstrate how generative artificial intelligence is doing corroding the fabric of reality itself.

This project stimulates crucial discussion on the potential of AI, emphasizing consensus, algorithmic fairness, and the social impacts of AI-generated images“.

In its current form, NUCA it is a compact camera, made with parts designed and printed in 3D, as you can also see at the following link. It contains a smartphone inside that captures the image, while an AI model adds the face of the real-world subject on a completely naked body generated by artificial intelligence.

The processing time is quite short, ten seconds. One of the challenges was reducing image generation times. We mostly used publicly available tools, but combining them very efficiently and putting them into a working device is something that it’s never been done beforeVef himself declared to Fast Company.

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Coming to the final conclusions, it is clear that this is not Vef and Groß’s intention actually invade privacy nobody’s. NUCA is in fact “simply” a prototype designed primarily for artistic expression. In fact, it will also be exhibited during an exhibition in Berlin this summer.

It definitely won’t be the largest camera in the world, however, it could spark a heated debate on the use and related consequences of the excessive use of artificial intelligence in daily life.

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