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This electric car simply shakes off snow

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This electric car simply shakes off snow

The Chinese car manufacturer Nio has equipped its ET9 electric sedan with a very special feature. Perfect for anyone who lives in regions with heavy snowfall.

Bild: YouTube (Screenshot)

Yes, you read that right. The Nio ET9 can actually free itself from snow by giving itself a good shake. This is reminiscent of a wet dog that has just come out of the water. The manufacturer shows what this looks like in a short video clip. We have included it in the post below.

The car owes this practical function to its chassis, also called SkyRide. A combination of steer-by-wire, rear-wheel steering and active suspension not only ensures the shaking described, but also ensures that the car can drive over bumps without noticeable vibrations.

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The manufacturer has already demonstrated this in a video. To do this, a pyramid made of filled water glasses was simply placed on the hood. Small spoiler: nothing was spilled during the test drive.

The Nio ET9 is scheduled to ship in China in early 2025. It is not known whether and when the electric sedan will come to Europe. However, interested parties can set aside suitable change. More than 100,000 euros are due for the car. It’s just a real luxury car.

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