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This girl is really unlucky: she’s allergic… to water

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This girl is really unlucky: she’s allergic… to water

Bizarre as it may seem, it is a rare and truly painful condition. Let’s discover together the life of a 25-year-old girl from Fresno, California, allergic to water.

It is specifically called “aquagenic urticaria”, and is rightfully included in the list of the 5 weirdest allergies ever. Tessa Hansen-Smith developed this very rare allergic form when he was about 8 years old. From that moment on, everything apparently “normal” for her is a possible problem.

I would come out of the showers and have huge bruises on my skin, and my scalp bled after shower. Standing in the shower for more than 5 minutes, while simultaneously trying not to pass out while hyperventilating as the water hits me, is not as relaxing an experience as it may be for others“he told ABC-30.

In fact, according to the National Institute of Health: “It is a rare condition in which hives develop rapidly after the skin comes into contact with waterregardless of its temperature and most commonly affects women“.

This is a really rare condition, with some estimates that speak of less than 250 cases worldwide. Precisely for this reason, unfortunately, the causes are still unknown today.

Tessa clearly states that even a simple gesture like drinking water, it causes a terrible burning sensation. The only feasible alternative at the moment appears to be milk since its water content is counterbalanced by fats and proteins.

To make matters worse, even her own tears or sweat cause bruises and hivesas you can see in the images in the link below.

Furthermore, one of the most present comments on his social pages concerns the way of washing and taking care of oneself. Tessa herself states on Instagram that: “I cleaned my body with wet wipes specially designed here and there, but even those hurt“.

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Unfortunately, after the recent Covid-19 pandemic she became so dehydrated that also develop ischemic colitis: “I’m not improving my health because my condition is simply getting worse.”the girl said.

After the man allergic to cold air, here is yet another bizarre (but terrible) allergy. Nonetheless, Tessa truly proves herself to be a force of naturehoping to soon become a nurse in order to help others.

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