Many people are interested in balcony power plants. It was only a matter of time before discounters like Aldi jumped on the bandwagon. But what good is such a balcony power plant from Aldi? This is exactly what colleagues from Heise investigated and were not very enthusiastic about.

Aldi balcony power plant disappointed

My assessment of Aldi’s balcony power plant was cautious. You get a pretty weak model for a relatively large amount of money. Alternatives from Netto are significantly more powerful. But Aldi includes a bracket and the solar modules are not too big, so you can hang them up on the balcony even if there is little space. But what is Aldi’s balcony power plant really good for? Heise has struck and clarifies:

In fact, disillusionment sets in quickly. Even unpacking is no fun, because the box was glued to the back of the modules with relatively strong glue. So it came to the super meltdown, because when the pieces of cardboard were peeled off, the film on the back was partially peeled off. This significantly shortens the service life of the solar modules. In the worst case, the modules are broken.

Heise is also disappointed with them solar yield on not so sunny days. Because it was produces little or no energy. So the two 175-watt solar panels shouldn’t be as efficient. On sunny days, however, the energy flowed. The supplied NEP inverter has all the certificates and is secure, but establishing a connection to analyze the yields with the app hardly worked at Heise.

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This is what you need to know about balcony power plants:

Aldi balcony power plant not for laypeople

If you consider that Aldi’s balcony power plant is primarily aimed at laypeople who simply want to pack it up and set it up when they go shopping, then after Heise’s test, the balcony power plant cannot really be recommended. Many will probably also be disappointed by the performance, because it is also negatively influenced by the modules hanging down. So if you have the space, you should go for a more powerful model with 800 watts and more. Then you save a lot on electricity costs.