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This provider even deducts the Telekom

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This provider even deducts the Telekom

Fast internet is a must for many these days. The selection is correspondingly large. But one well-known group in particular is way ahead in Germany when it comes to performance – with a few catches.

Vodafone pulls away: not even Telekom can keep up

Vodafone hat best deal for fixed line internet in Germany. This is the result of a comprehensive test carried out jointly by Chip and Net Check and which is available to GIGA. According to this, Vodafone even overshadows Telekom with its landline connections and wins with one Overall score of 1.7.

According to the test, this is mainly due to the fact that Vodafone TV cable network uses to about it unrivaled fast internet connections to offer. For comparable speeds, the competition first has to convert to fiber optics to the home (FTTH) and invest a lot to do so.

Vodafone, on the other hand, can already provide top speed and despite price increases comparatively favorable conditions offer. However, as a result of inflation and rising energy prices, both Vodafone and Telekom have raised their prices. Other providers are likely to follow.

Vodafone easily wins the price-performance comparison

According to the test, Vodafone achieved by far the highest download speed with 347.38 MBit/s on average. The Telekom (with 1.8 in the overall ranking in 2nd place), on the other hand, comes in average only to 99.24 MBit/s – a very clear victory for Vodafone. With 73.40 and 67.52 Mbit/s, 1&1 and o2 lag even further behind the four national providers in Germany.

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The internet is crazy again? This is what needs to be done now:

Vodafone also leads in data upstream, albeit much narrower. 29.27 MBit/s are in there with the Düsseldorf company, while Telekom comes to 28.93 MBit/s. o2 and 1&1 reach over 20 Mbit/s in upload.

In terms of speed and also in Vodafone leads the way in terms of value for money unchallenged in the chip test. When it comes to latency, on the other hand, Telekom can claim victory.

A notice: Chip’s speed test is carried out online by users. Over 130,000 valid measurements via LAN cable were evaluated for the current test. In addition, Net Check provides 553 test devices that independently carry out their own speed measurements. The test devices were active for 99 days and should rule out that the measurements are primarily concentrated on cases in which there is a disruption in the Internet connection.

Promising too much: contract fulfillment at Vodafone often bad

Vodafone customers have to put up with the fact that they not get what Vodafone promises. When it comes to fulfilling the contractually guaranteed speeds, the Düsseldorf company is not leading. In other words: Vodafone promises too much.

According to the speed test, Vodafone’s gigabit tariffs achieve an average download speed of 626 MBit/s. Additional tests deliver at least 797 MBit/s. Vodafone but contractually guarantee an expected performance of 850 MBit/s.

It is true that the other providers often do not fulfill their promises either. But Vodafone shares last place with 1&1 in this regard. With a grade of 1.8 in the area of ​​contract fulfillment, Telekom is most likely to deliver what customers are promised.

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