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This Sonos speaker, which is so intelligent that it adapts its sound, has never been so cheap

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This Sonos speaker, which is so intelligent that it adapts its sound, has never been so cheap

Maybe the Sonos products They may have quite high prices for some pockets, but we are talking about a series of devices that have cutting-edge technology and a design and packaging of the highest level. So if you come across an offer like this one that we have today, our only recommendation is that you take it because you will never regret it. This time, it is a speaker that you will show off everywhere.

Sonos Roam, the most glamorous portable speaker

The Sonos Roam speaker. Photo: Sonos (Sonos)

The Sonos Roam is a small portable speaker that will surprise you with its incredible power and sound quality. It is easy to fall in love with its charms the moment you see it in operation, since the manufacturer has an ecosystem that works perfectly.

On the one hand, this speaker works like any other Bluetooth speaker, with a wireless connection with which you can send music from your cell phone. But it also has a WiFi connection, so it can connect to your wireless network and join the network of Sonos speakers you have at home.

Smart and ready to play your favorite songs

Sonos Roam. Photo: Sonos (Sonos)

The speaker will appear visible on services like Spotify, where you can send the music you want to play immediately on the speaker. But you can also create a system of multi-zone audio with multiple Sonos speakers so the little Roam will also play at the same time as other Sonos speakers you have around the house.

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So easy that everything is automated

Sonos Roam. Photo: Sonos (Sonos)

When you are at home, the Sonos Roam will connect to the WiFi network to offer the best connectivity and the moment you go outside it will connect to your cell phone via Bluetooth so you can continue playing music without limits.

When listening to music at home, an automatic calibration system will detect the walls and adjust the sound so that the waves bounce appropriately according to the environment, thus achieving a perfect sound experience.

On an intelligent level, includes Google Assistant and Alexa, so you can choose between two of the most used assistants on the market to turn the speaker into a smart speaker if you wish.

Portable to take anywhere

Sonos Roam. Photo: Sonos (Sonos)

With such a compact size you won’t have a problem always carrying it with you. Offers 10 hours of autonomy with a moderate volume and water resistant thanks to the IP67 certification.

Its design allows it to be placed both vertically and horizontally, so it achieves excellent results in any of its positions.

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