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Three Apple smartphones to buy that are cheap and work great

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Three Apple smartphones to buy that are cheap and work great

There’s no use hiding behind a finger: iPhone it is an objectively expensive product. However, there are alternative routes that guarantee you the purchase of an iPhone without shelling out astronomical sums. And, last but not least, they allow you to take home a very respectable product.

Today we have selected for you three models, released more or less recently, which in our opinion are still perfect to be taken into consideration alternatives to the much more expensive latest releases. And, last but not least, they are all compatible with the latest versions of Apple software, including iOS 17.4 which recently made history thanks to some substantial innovations.

iPhone SE (2022)

The third iPhone SE, released in 2022, is the product par excellence when it comes to “cheap” Apple smartphones. For less than €500 you will take home a device that is certainly not up to date in terms of design, but with true top-of-the-range performance also thanks to its processor under the body, the A15 Bionic. And, last but not least, you will be able to enjoy a compact iPhone like you haven’t seen for some time now. GO TO THE PRODUCT ON AMAZON

iPhone 13

When we talk about the thirteenth generation, we do so with the awareness that it is the best value for money that the market currently offers at Apple. Equipped with a decidedly more modern design than the SE, iPhone 13 is still today a product with characteristics and performance in step with the latest releases. The two cameras, one wide-angle and one standard, are capable of generating shots and above all recording high-quality videos. While the bright colors are a note of character that, for example, is difficult to find in the latest basic iPhone 15s. GO TO THE PRODUCT ON AMAZON

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iPhone 14

The differences between the 14 and the 13 are very subtle. The two products respond to the same aesthetic language, with the difference that iPhone 14 is the latest Apple smartphone model equipped with the now iconic notch. In addition to sharing the same design, iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 also have the same processor, which is in turn the same as the iPhone SE, namely the A15 Bionic. For this reason we advise you to move towards this model only if you intend to keep the smartphone for several years. Not only will you have a more modern device in your hands which, therefore, will have a greater value in the future in the event of resale, but also longer-lasting software support from Apple. GO TO THE PRODUCT ON AMAZON

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