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Three changes in three days. Twitter, the Musk era has begun

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Three changes in three days.  Twitter, the Musk era has begun

Three changes in three days. One of these is already operational. The others coming in the next few days. Elon Musk on Twitter has decided to set the record straight: there’s a new boss, a new direction, and the whole machine has to adjust to meet his vision.

Change of home without log-in

The first change requested (and obtained) is the new Twitter login page. Those who are not registered on the social network will be able to browse some contents of the platform even without logging in. Before, to access the posts you had to be registered. Now no longer. Just log on to the site and browse between trending topics and most shared tweets.

An insubstantial change. Nothing revolutionary. But behind Musk’s request, all observers see a clear message to the social development team: the music has changed, long internal discussions or untouchable islands will no longer be needed to make changes.

Musk, Twitter and the decline of social networks

by Riccardo Luna

The premium service for $ 19.99 per month

A message. Just one example of how Musk, in just under three days in the role of “Chief Twit” (boss), began to change the company from within. He also asked (and according to The Verge got) that the subscription to the premium version of the platform (Twitter blue) will go from $ 4.99 to $ 19.99.

The change must take place by 7 November. He also asked for the service to be renamed to “Subscriptions”. Another sign: Musk dictates the timing of the game, and wants the maneuver to be fast.

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Video and Starlink

In the meantime, a reinstatement of the Vine video platform is about to be approached to facilitate the sharing of clips. The third change requested. To facilitate the run-up to social networks, such as TikTok, which have built their fortune on videos. Musk openly quoted TikTok. It is the real competitor. More than Facebook. More than Instagram. A sign that times have changed. And we need changes that open Twitter to the new. He would also discuss using Starlink, SpaceX’s satellite Internet service, to make Twitter available in countries where it is currently difficult to access.


The 11 tweets that have marked history

Small steps so far. To get them, however, it seems that the Pretoria billionaire has since Friday locked himself up in the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco protected by his bodyguards. It is easier, however, that Musk is dedicating these days to studying the car. Understanding how the various teams work. And prepare the revolution for him. Of which at the moment there are more indiscretions than certainties. One of these, the hardest, is the dismissal of employees.

The employee cut, perhaps the first of November

The Washington Post today revealed that the cut could affect 25% of the social workforce. Employees fear the cuts will begin on November 1. When many should receive compensation for the stock Musk bought. In fact, many Twitter employees own shares in the company. Quite common in US tech companies. Musk will pay them as agreed: $ 54.20 per share. Some of them will get a lot of money. And the suspicion is that it is only honey to swallow the bitter cup of dismissal.

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