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“Tian Tian Wan Yuan” Introduces New “Name Brand” System and City Additions

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“Tian Tian Wan Yuan” Introduces New “Name Brand” System and City Additions

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The mobile social metaverse game “Tian Tian Wan Yuan” announced today (9th) that the fire station in the city center area and the HAEGIN headquarters in the game are officially open, and a “name brand” system for role-playing games has been added.

The “Fire Station” and “HAEGIN Headquarters” under construction in the city center of KAIA Island are officially opened. At the same time, the “School” located in the square and the “Hospital” and “Police Station” in the city center have also been revised. Players can play in the new Wander around the KAIA island and perform tasks to complete the activity map, or enter various buildings to choose “name brands” of various professions to play role-playing games.

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In the past, the “name tag” system that could only be used in schools can now be used everywhere on the KAIA island. Through this update, up to 43 new name tags have been added. These name tags can be used in the newly built “fire station” , “HAEGIN Headquarters”, “Hospital”, “Police Station” and other various spaces can be obtained.

For example, when you enter the HAEGIN headquarters, you can get the name tag of an intern. In addition, when you meet certain conditions, you can get various name tags such as developers, designers, etc. In addition, you can also get the names of police, firefighters, teachers, doctors, etc. according to certain conditions. There are various kinds of name tags, and the acquired name tags can be confirmed in the personal profile interface.

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In addition, areas where fires can be set have been added throughout the island. When players approach this area, a flame-shaped button will appear. When clicked, a fire will occur. Players who set fires will automatically be equipped with the “Arsonist” name tag. If they are equipped Players with the “Police” brand can arrest the arsonist.

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At the same time, as long as you log in to “Tiantian Playland”, you can get gems, star coins, telescopes, community adventure backpacks, etc. “Sign-in Board” activities will be held together. At the same time, through this revision, cute “Bread Pets” will be added , there are 6 types of bread pets, including puppies, kittens, piglets, and rabbits. These pets can be randomly obtained from the “flour eggs” purchased from the NPC “Love Bread” that will appear in the square starting from the 17th (Thursday).

If you want to know more about the “Tian Tian Wan Paradise” brand system and event-related news, you can go to the official fan group to check it out.


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