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Tim Enterprise, 360 ° digital services

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Tim Enterprise, 360 ° digital services

Elio Schiavo, Tim’s Chief Enterprise and Innovative Solutions Officer, head of the Enterprise division, will be at ITWeek on September 30th at 2pm in Sala Fucine.

Leading Italy towards a better future, thanks to a digital innovation that is sustainable. Centered on people and the real needs of society. These are the objectives of the NRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan), which Italy must achieve. But success necessarily passes through the telephone operators. From their ability to push the country in the right direction and, at the same time, to challenge the market.
The EU is also aware of this, so much so that a few days ago European Commissioner Thierry Breton announced a public consultation to find a way to force digital platforms such as Google, Facebook and Netflix to participate in the large costs of new telecommunications networks.
In the meantime, however, the operators continue along this path. An example, in Italy, is given by the moves of the historic national manager Tim, led by the CEO Pietro Labriola, who in July launched the Tim Enterprise division, dedicated to the Public Administration and large customers, designed precisely to accompany the digital transformation. sustainable country. The division is also a response to the need, complex at this stage, for the economic sustainability of telecommunications. It is in fact among Tim’s best performers, with approximately 3 billion euros in turnover and 1 billion euros in EBITDA.
“Tim Enterprise is undoubtedly an excellence of the Tim Group. In Italy we are the only player to offer 360-degree digital services to businesses and public administration, innovative, sustainable and safe”, he explains Elio Schiavo, Chief Enterprise and Innovative Solutions Officer di Tim, which leads this business unit. “We provide our customers with skills and technologies: from fixed and mobile ultrabroadband connectivity to the cloud, from the internet of things (IoT) to cybersecurity. Thanks to these assets and our ability to achieve significant goals in a very challenging context, we are convinced that quarter after quarter we will further strengthen our role, confirming us as the reference enabler for the digital transition “, he adds.
Despite the stock market’s difficulties, in the first half of 2022 the division’s revenues grew by 9% (year on year), driven above all by the cloud (+ 62%), which represents about 23% of the 3 billion in revenues of the division in 2021. Its contribution, according to TIM’s plans, will reach 44% by 2030, when Enterprise’s turnover is expected to reach 5 billion euros. After all, the cloud market is growing in Italy by 15% annually; IoT by 10% and cybersecurity by 10%.
“Thanks to our network of datacenters, the most widespread in Italy, we will be able to accelerate digitalization, as confirmed by the award of the recent tender for the National Strategic Pole. [previsto dal Pnrr, ndr] – says Schiavo -. We have a strategic infrastructure, built with partners of excellence on a global level, which allows us to combine economic benefits with important advantages for the environment. Our datacenters are designed and built according to eco-sustainability criteria and will allow significant CO2 savings “.
Also in the PNRR, Tim also won the 5G Backhauling tender, seven lots of the Italia 1 Giga tender, four lots of the Connected Schools tender and two lots of the Connected Healthcare tender. To cover homes, businesses, schools, health facilities with fast internet.
Cloud, cybersecurity, connectivity, then. Other pillars of the Unit are smart city projects, smart agriculture and data analytics (with artificial intelligence). Tim therefore has technologies to improve the mobility and safety of the city, with an urban intelligence model proposed to all Italian administrations. A realized example is the smart control room for the city of Venice. IoT, 5G, cloud, artificial intelligence and cyber technologies are also used for precision agriculture (with Olivetti, Noovle and Telsy solutions).
Finally, artificial intelligence is the center of data analytics solutions to improve the efficiency of companies and their internal processes. For example, Tim’s Tellya is a conversational platform for chatbots or virtual assistants able to interact with customers, employees and suppliers.

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