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Tip: SABRENT SD card V60 – BiCS5 NAND, 300 MB/s around 50€

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Tip: SABRENT SD card V60 – BiCS5 NAND, 300 MB/s around 50€

I don’t usually make articles in which I directly encourage or advise you to buy something. But in this case it is different.

As you’ve probably noticed, SSD prices have plummeted. Of course, this also affects other storage products, such as SD cards.

However, high-end “V60” or “V90” SD cards have been very stable in price so far, which means they were constantly quite expensive!

At the moment, however, there is a slightly more exotic memory card available from Amazon at a hammer price. I think this is one of the best SD cards out there right now if you are a photographer.

I’m talking about the SABRENT SD card 256GB V60, which is currently available for +- 50€.

Why is the SABRENT SD card 256GB V60 so good?

V60 memory card with up to 299 MB/s reading!

The SABRENT SD card is a so-called “V60” memory card, which is currently the 2nd highest class for SD cards.

It relies on the UHS-II interface, which allows up to +- 300 MB/s. In an appropriate card reader, the memory card can also reach almost 300 MB/s.

For me, reading it reached up to 299.75 MB/s! However, we also achieve a very impressive 207.88 MB/s in writing.

This makes it one of the fastest memory cards that I have had in my hands so far.

However, it is also the fastest V60 memory card that I have seen so far when writing! It can beat the Sony SF-M Tough Series R277/W150 SDXC and the Angelbird AV PRO SD MK2 V60 R280/W160!

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Here are the prices as a context (status 21.06.2023 / 256GB / cheapest price in the price comparison)

Sony SF-M Tough Series – 129€
Angelbird AV PRO SD MK2 – 111€
SABRENT SD Karte 256GB V60 – 45,04€

Maybe now you understand why I am writing this article.

High quality NAND! KIOXIA BiCS5

Most manufacturers of SD cards do not write anything about the actual technology and the memory chips. But everyone writes how great and durable their SD cards are etc. Not so SABRENT!

SABRENT names the memory used. This is how KIOXIA BiCS5 should be used in the SD card!

BiCS5 is one of the best NAND modules currently on the market. From the point of view of durability, there are even better NAND chips in SSDs, but KIOXIA BiCS5 is up there! Above all, it is about “SSD class NAND”.

In many cheap SD cards, very inferior NAND is sometimes installed, which certainly also creates a few hundred cycles, but with KIOXIA BiCS5 you can count on thousands of cycles! If of course the controller is good. But there is positive information here too.

The memory card has dynamic and static wear leveling as well as ECC algorithms and a detection for bad memory blocks.

I also assume that most other high-end memory cards have similar features, but I don’t know for sure. Even if you ask the manufacturers, you won’t get any information about what flash memory is used for.

Hassle free with Sony and Fujifilm

Photography is my hobby, so I have a camera or two and currently the SABRENT V60 SD card is my memory card of choice!

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This works wonderfully with the Sony A7R V and also the FujiFilm H2S! I had no problems or memory errors or anything like that.

I now have three of these memory cards “in stock”.

Conclusion, go for it!

This article was only intended to be a small hint about the memory card, which I think is a hammer deal if you are using a large camera that can also benefit from UHS-II memory cards.

The SABRENT SD card is the fastest V60 memory card I know of, which currently costs less than half of the competition.

(Prices as of June 21, 2023 – prices can and will change)

The memory card manages around 300 MB/s reading and 200 MB/s writing, great for continuous shooting.

The SABRENT memory card is also not “cheap junk”, it is a really good SD card with high-quality KIOXIA NAND and all important FW features such as wear leveling.

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