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Tlc and mobile networks, 4G is still fine but 5G still doesn’t make a difference

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Tlc and mobile networks, 4G is still fine but 5G still doesn’t make a difference

The good news is that 4G is still fine. Indeed, it improves. The bad news is that 5G, three years after its debut in Italy, still doesn’t make a difference. You can read this in the Altroconsumo report with speed tests among mobile operators.
And who is the fastest? The most immediate answer is: Vodafone. At least, this is what is shown not only by the Altroconsumo test (and its five previous ones), but also by the latest ones by OpenSignal and Nperf, released this year.
Considering these three tests, it turns out that WindTre and Iliad are competing for second place while Tim is in the queue.

Altroconsumo’s texts

These results are based on tests made by users, spontaneously, on the related apps. The results cannot be said to have statistical value. However, they are at least somewhat indicative, in light of the large number of tests made. For Altroconsumo, there are about 80 thousand tests on its CheBanda app by over 20 thousand users of the four main Italian telephone operators, in the period between July 2021 and June 2022. Over 92% of the tests were conducted with 4G devices and only a small part with 3G (3%), a network that has already been decommissioned by Vodafone and Tim. On the other hand, the share with 2G (0.5%) is negligible. As for operators, once again Vodafone wins first place in the ranking for connection quality as Best of the Test with 30,054 points, followed by Iliad with 24,871, WindTre with 23.061 and Tim (20.910). The parameters considered are download and upload speed, quality of video viewing and web browsing. The CheBanda app is also in operation in three other countries of the Euroconsumers Group and there is good news for Italy which, with an average of 25,500 points, takes second place; the first is Portugal, which stands out with 28,000 points. Following Spain (24,000) and Belgium (22,000), the ranking was the same in the test published in February. Iliad is now confirmed in second place.

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The other tests

But Iliad is third, and WindTre second, in the Nperf (released in February) and OpenSignal (May) tests. some redo with the best latency (41 milliseconds). Vodafone is far ahead of second and third and classified in download. There are no huge differences instead in the OpenSignal test, with Vodafone at 34.5 Mbps against WindTre’s 30, Iliad’s 28 and Tim’s 25. performance between the two tests, confirming their relative scientificity. However, if three tests put the same operator first, it will mean something.

Eternal promise 5G

5G was not included in Altroconsumo’s ranking. The point, Altroconsumo notes, is that the results are not very significant from a numerical point of view (4%). Reason: “5G coverage is still small and, what’s more, patchy, concentrating essentially in large cities. However, it is not certain that even where there is the possibility, all telephone operators will be able to offer it ”writes the consumer association. Two specific aspects, moreover, make the diffusion of the network less immediate: to take advantage of 5G it is necessary both to have a compatible smartphone and to subscribe to a special tariff plan. “In short, objective and subjective reasons make it inappropriate at the moment to draw up a ranking based on the services offered by operators on the 5G network, especially if this ranking aims to be useful for users and representative of what is happening throughout the national territory”. users means that it is not yet possible to have a compass to orientate among 5G operators. Only some useful indications come from the declared coverages, mostly concentrated in large centers (as Altroconsumo writes); with the exception of WindTre, which is more widespread, but at a lower speed. Not bad: as Altroconsumo notes, 4G is still more than good and indeed operators continue to invest in it. Some advice may derive from this: for now we can also avoid buying a new mobile phone, if we would have done it only to switch to 5G. We can expect better coverage. And some nice tests, to guide us.

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