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To see Serie A from 2024, one to three season tickets will be needed

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To see Serie A from 2024, one to three season tickets will be needed

In view of the assignment of the TV rights of the Series, and after the closing credits on the championship, we continue to talk about the situation that the fans could face as of the 2024/25 league season.

The situation is monitored not only by experts and insiders, but also by enthusiasts themselves who are waiting to understand how many subscriptions will be needed to access the vision.

The Lega Calcio, also through the mouth of the managers, aims to collect as much as possible also to take advantage of the golden moment of Italian football which has led as many as three teams to the finals of the European cups. There The minimum amount that the championship organizer intends to collect is 1.150 billion of Euros for three years, 1.265 billion for four years and 1.380 billion for five years.

These objectives can be reached through an intricate series of joints which provides for the assignment of exclusives to multiple broadcasters, co-exclusives and matryoshka packages which include various combinations.

It is clear that depending on the path that will be pursued by the interested parties, who will have until 10 am on 14 June 2023 to present the offers, the situation of the season tickets necessary to be able to access all the matches will emerge. As observed by Il Sole 24 Ore, however, to be able to follow the 380 matches of the championship could be a minimum of one to a maximum of three season tickets are required.

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In the background there is always the (timeless and cyclically recurring) hypothesis of the Lega Calcio channel.

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