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Toilet startup is planning its own eco-toilet land on 10,000 square meters

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Toilet startup is planning its own eco-toilet land on 10,000 square meters

Niko Bogianzidis is an exceptional founder – after all, he managed to make the composting of human feces acceptable in Austria. His startup öKlo, headquartered in Wolkersdorf near Vienna, has currently expanded its location to now produce 5,000 square meters of composting toilets for construction sites, events, communities or even your own garden.

But that’s not all, Bogianzidis thinks bigger. Twice as big, to be exact. Because öKlo is planning its own “öKlo-Land”, as the major project that has already started has been named – and this will then take place on 10,000 square meters. That sounds huge, but in comparison it’s not quite that massive. A football field is approximately 7,100 square meters. So you shouldn’t expect a Disneyland-style theme park about fecal matter recycling. Rather, it is about building a large biomass recycling center.

“We are planning a completely new worldwide prototype of an ecological biomass recycling center including research facilities right outside Vienna. There are currently discussions with all possible stakeholders in this field,” Bogianzidis said in a press release. An extensive planning study for this “milestone” is already underway, and initial findings will be available in the coming months. At öKlo, construction is expected to begin as early as 2025. “In the best case scenario, the Öklo-Land project should open its doors in a good two years, but a maximum of three years,” it says.

Recycle human feces as compost?

And further: “The rights to a suitable 10,000 square meter plot of land have already been secured. Well-known project partners are already on board in advance, and other possible cooperation partners can contact the Öklo founder at an early stage of the planning phase.” Further information will follow later this year, says Bogianzidis, but he does not provide any further details on the large-scale project in the spirit of the circular economy would like to betray.

So what could öKlo be working on now? As already reported in 2020, öKlo has long been working on collecting human waste with its eco-toilets and then processing it into fertilizer using accelerated composting. Otherwise, human feces are now burned as sewage sludge. Even back then, the Institute for Waste Management at BOKU Vienna said that feces and sewage sludge could be used for composting and marketed as compost. So it’s quite possible that öKlo is building a huge recycling plant for, sorry, shit – just outside Vienna.

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