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Tony Fadell, the father of the iPod, against Vision Pro: “Apple is fruit”

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Tony Fadell, the father of the iPod, against Vision Pro: “Apple is fruit”

Reactions continue to emerge on the new Apple Vision Pro viewer presented by the American company a few days ago. Among the most skeptical is the iPad dad, Tony Fadellwho certainly didn’t tell them through their official Twitter account.

While defining “Apple’s Vision Pro is a technological Tour de Force, with truly impressive hardware”, the former Apple executive notes that “with consumer apps and marketing for $3500 and a battery that lasts 2 hours, Apple has really jumped the shark”. The expression “jumped the shark” it is purely English/American, and in Italian it can be translated into “being fruity”. The expression, as explained by Wikipedia, is generally used in cinema or television and owes its origins to Happy Days: it is currently used to describe something that, once it has reached its peak of popularity or quality, is on its way to decay.

In response to another user who agreed with his view of things, Fadell explains that “the apps and marketing talk are awful, even if the Vision Pro were to offer a 24-hour battery life. We’re not talking about a painkiller. Platforms do not become useful products. Useful products become platforms”.

Some have suggested to Apple that the Gravity Sketch app could be useful for Vision Pro, Fadell says “Gravity Sketch would be a perfect app for Apple’s Vision Pro. I predict Apple will reboot its entire marketing approach within the next 18-24 months.” According to him, Vision Pro “is an occasional-use creative tool for professionals, not a consumer device, especially at $3,500 or $1,000.”.

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