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Top 3: The best mobile phone tariffs that can be canceled monthly in 2023

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Top 3: The best mobile phone tariffs that can be canceled monthly in 2023

1 GB costs 1 euro: This calculation example is for cheap brands like Winsim or Simplytel long practice in O2-Network. In the meantime, however, providers with comparable tariffs in the Telekom and Vodafone networks are following suit; it’s time for a price-performance comparison.

TechStage looked for plans that offer the most value for money. We looked at additional costs, terms, download rates and possible bonus payments. All tariffs offer telephony and SMS flat rates and have a very short minimum term of one to a maximum of three months. We show the best tariff for each network.

Tip: If you are interested in a tariff, you should check the network coverage in your region in advance. All providers offer corresponding maps on their websites. You should also ask friends and acquaintances whether they have good reception in the respective network.

In the following brief overview, we have put together the best tariffs for each network. The paragraphs below provide detailed information.


Until now, anyone who wanted a Vodafone tariff with as much data volume as possible for little money had to pay around 2 euros per gigabyte of data volume. At Lidl Connect Users get about 12 GB for 18 euros every four weeks, but with a comparatively low download rate of 25 Mbit/s.

Since the end of June 2021, Vodafone has been offering a new low-cost brand, Simon Mobile. There you will find the currently cheapest Vodafone tariff, which can be canceled on a monthly basis. From 9 euros per month, customers receive 12 GB (max. 50 MBit/s) per month. There is no connection price and the contract can be terminated on a monthly basis. Alternatively, since the beginning of 2023 you can also get 17 GB for 12 euros or 27 GB for 17 euros per month.

If you want more data volume and are looking for a tariff with 5G speeds of up to 500 MBit/s, you should go to Vodafone Callya stop by. The tariff costs 20 euros every four weeks and offers 20 GB, telephony and SMS flat rate as well as a 5G network.

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Drillisch brands like Sim.de, Winsim, Simplytel or Premiumsim offer weekly alternating 8, 9 or 10 GB (max. 50 MBit/s) for 8, 9 or 10 euros. However, the tariffs are not the best value for money. On the one hand, the contract continues for three months after termination, on the other hand, Drillisch has a so-called data automatic for all its brands. If the inclusive data volume in the month is exhausted, the provider automatically books up to three more 200 MB for 2 euros each to the customer account. You can disable it, but overall it’s annoying.

Instead, from our point of view, there are currently two providers with the best price-performance ratio, since they are designed for different uses.

The offer with the best value for money in the O2-Netz has been called for over two years Freenet Funk. Now it’s history. Instead of unlimited data volume with 225 MBit/s there is only 15 MBit/s. However, the price of 1 euro per day or around 30 euros per month has remained the same.

If you want unlimited data volume with 15 MBit/s, you can get it much cheaper elsewhere. At the Freenet brand mega sim you get the offer O2 Unlimited Smart including flat rates for SMS and telephony for 25 euros per month. There is no connection price.


1 GB for 1 euro in the Telekom network is only available for selected special offers, such as Black Friday, or in connection with a fixed-term contract of at least 24 months.

Anyone looking for a Telekom tariff with a monthly termination option should go to Fraenk. This is the cheap brand of Telekom. Here you get 8 GB (max. 25 MBit/s) as well as telephony and SMS flat rate with code HAGR5 for 10 euros per month. There is an additional 1 GB per code or referred friend. So you can refer a total of 15 friends and collect 15 GB extra. If the friend stays with the provider for at least six months, you keep the additional data volume permanently. You can expand your included data volume to up to 23 GB. The mobile phone tariff can be canceled monthly and has no connection fee. You can apply for, cancel and manage the tariff via your own app. Even payment via PayPal is possible with this mobile phone contract. It is possible to take your phone number with you from Telekom. Anyone who changes from Congstar cannot take their phone number with them.

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Other cheap providers such as Edeka Smart or Congstar cannot keep up with this price-performance ratio. And anyone who looks at Freenet Mobile or Freenet Flex will quickly realize that it is not just about the Telekom network, but a mix with the Vodafone network. In our opinion, anyone who wants to put up with this is best off with Freenet Mobile in the LTE Allnet Flat 25 GB tariff (max. 100 MBit/s) for 20 euros a month.


If you are looking for the cheapest possible smartphone for your tariff, you will find the best smartphones in 2023 up to 400 euros in our current article. Our price comparison also shows an overview of the most popular models.


As much GByte as possible for as little money as possible with a short term is no longer only available in the O2 network. In the Vodafone network offers Simon Mobile a good. And with Callya there is even a 5G network for little money. There are also comparable offers in the Telekom network. If you are now looking for a Telekom tariff, you will find the currently best price-performance ratio at Fraenk.

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