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Twitter abandons the EU code of conduct. Jurova: “They chose confrontation”

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Twitter abandons the EU code of conduct.  Jurova: “They chose confrontation”

Twitter’s decision to no longer release reports on the measures implemented to combat disinformation opens a new front between the company and the European Union. “Twitter made a mistake” in abandoning the EU Code of Conduct on disinformation “choosing the most difficult path, that of confrontation. The Commission takes note of this: the Code is voluntary, but abandoning it Twitter has attracted a lot of attention and its actions and compliance with EU rules will be monitored vigorously and urgently”. This was stated by the vice president of the European Commission, Vera Jourova. Participation in the code of conduct is voluntary, but the objectives of the initiative, which started in 2018, are included in the Digital Services Act.

By abandoning the Code – Jourova specified – Twitter “has garnered a lot of attention” and now its compliance with European laws (the new law on digital services which will enter into force on August 25, ed.) will be the object of “careful scrutiny”. “If Twitter wants to operate and make money in the European market, it must respect our rules and take the appropriate measures”, he added, underlining that at the moment we are not experiencing a normal situation as Moscow “wants to compromise the support of our citizens for Ukraine and reduce trust in democracy”. That’s why “we want the signatories of the Code of Conduct to prepare for the arrival of the Digital Services Act”.

“We now have, I believe, 12 new signatories. The code has a total of 44 signatories, including major online platforms such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, TikTok, all connected to each other, but also the advertising industry and civil society. Today we have welcomed, as I said, the new signatories, who are completing the idea of ​​having more diverse participants under the code of conduct”.

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