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Twitter Blue also arrives in Italy, but Musk’s plans don’t go as planned

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Twitter Blue also arrives in Italy, but Musk’s plans don’t go as planned

The most observant will not have missed, on the left column that groups the various features of Twitter, a ‘B’ with a bird drawn inside it, appearing between the ‘bookmarks’ and the information on one’s profile. It’s the icon of Twitter Blue, the subscription to the social network which, for 8 dollars a month, allows you to have the famous “blue check” and to enjoy some privileges: “smash to the top of replies, mentions and searches”, view half the ads compared to those who don’t pay and publish longer videos (there are already those who have taken advantage of this, sharing entire films in the face of copyright).

Twitter Blue also officially arrives in Italy, therefore, at the price of 8 euros per month or 7 euros per month if you choose the “annual plan” (total cost: 84 euros).

In the plans of Elon Musk, who bought Twitter in November 2022, “Blue” represents an important source of income to recover investments in the company, to repay old debts, to stem losses (last November Musk stated that Twitter was losing 4 million dollars a day) and, above all, to generate new profits in the future. All this while waiting for the “super app”, a new version of Twitter with which to do many more things, including purchases and economic transactions.

Twitter, 180,000 subscribers. 62% in the US

But a confidential document, obtained by the newspaper The Information, would show that the road is still uphill: in mid-January 2023, just 180,000 users were registered on Twitter Blue, of which 62% in the United States. The service, as we have said, has only been available for a few days in Europe, and in Italy indeed, but at the moment – if subscribers do not increase considerably – Twitter could obtain between 27 and 30 million dollars a year from subscriptions.

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Perhaps for this reason Musk would be thinking of a different subscription for companies, whose Twitter profiles are verified with a gold tick. Companies that intend to keep it will be called upon to pay $1,000 a month in the future.

The NYT investigation into porn on Twitter

In short, the watchword is to monetize. Those who use the Twitter API will also pay the price, which will become a paid service from February 9th. A specific plan has not yet been announced, and above all a cost, for third-party apps that want to rely on the platform’s API. For several weeks already, this decision had an impact on very popular services such as Twitterific and Tweetbot, which had been active for more than ten years.

In addition to the economic difficulties, Twitter has to deal with not insignificant problems such as child pornography content which – despite Musk’s commitment and promises – would continue to circulate on the platform.

The case

Musk offered Starlink to Italy during Tim’s down

by Italian Tech editorial staff

A new investigation by the New York Times, carried out in collaboration with the Canadian Center for Child Protection, has highlighted how explicit videos and images depicting child abuse have been shared on “multiple accounts” and have even totaled hundreds of thousands of “mi like” and “retweet”. In some cases, according to what the Times reports, these contents are even promoted by the Twitter algorithm.

The staff cuts of Twitter, carried out by Elon Musk last November, would have reduced by 15% the staff of the “trust and safety” division that monitors the most risky content on the social network.

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