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UK police arrest teen hacker who hacked Uber, Rockstar | iThome

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UK police arrest teen hacker who hacked Uber, Rockstar | iThome

Last Friday (9/23) London police announcedhas caught a teenage hacker suspected of hacking Uber and game maker Rockstar Games two weeks ago.

London police announced on their Twitter account on Thursday that they had arrested a 17-year-old boy who lived in Oxfordshire for allegedly hacking the Internet, with the help of Britain’s National Cybercrime Squad. The teen is still in police custody.

london police statement on saturdaythe teenager has been charged with 2 counts of breach of bail conditions and 2 counts of misuse of a computer, and he is also on trial in the Youth Court on the same day.

Photo credit/London Metropolitan Police

But according toInformation Security Website VX UndergroundAccording to the information released, the arrested persons were hackers who hacked into the well-known ride-hailing platform Uber and the game company Rockstar Games on September 15 and September 19 respectively.

Two weeks ago, a teenager revealed that he had hacked into Uber on HackerOne, a platform for catching leaks, and had access to many of Uber’s internal systems, including AWS, Google Cloud Platform, vSphere and Slack. And about the same week he claimed to have hacked the network of Rockstar Games, the company that made Grand Theft Auto 6, which had not yet been released, and released dozens of GTA 6 films.

Uber’s investigation revealed that the hacking group that attacked the company was Lapsus$, which hacked into Microsoft and Samsung this year.

Lapsus$ is famous for hacking the Brazilian Ministry of Health and leaking hundreds of thousands of data in 2021. In addition to Samsung and Microsoft, it also hacked well-known companies such as Ubisoft, EA, Vodafone, Okta, and Nvidia.

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Bloomberg News reported that Lapsus$ was headed by a 16-year-old who lived near Oxford University, and the teenager became a millionaire early on by hacking into the Internet of various companies for extortion.

British police arrested seven teenagers in connection with Lapsus$ in March this year. Although London police have not confirmed whether the teen has been arrested, the 16-year-old was not included in the two charged by British police.

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