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Unipol focuses on electric mobility with the e-bike service (policy included)

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Unipol focuses on electric mobility with the e-bike service (policy included)

The figures prove that electric bikes are a new passion of Italians. According to the latest data made available by Ancma in 2021, 295,000 electric bikes were sold in Italy compared to 280,000 in the previous year. A growing demand that Cambiobike, a company part of Cambiomarcia under the direction and control of Unipol Group, has intercepted thanks to the innovative services offered in the package, from simple sales via e-commerce, to the possibility of accessing flexible financing and insurance packages such as theft and fully comprehensive and technical assistance even at home, including a Sos Bike service.

«The company was born by the will of the group, which is broadening its horizons in the insurance world of electric micro-mobility. We concentrated on bicycles, which in our opinion represent the most flourishing market in the sector and also the safest and most innovative one», explains Nicola Giunchi, CEO of Cambiomarcia, who concluded in 2022 with an encouraging +100%, and which expects to also close 2023 with the same percentage of growth.

The declared intent of Cambiobike is to innovate the world of electric bike sales, aiming to be not only a B2C e-bike e-commerce but a container of services that accompanies the consumer at every stage, to respond to different needs with the technical support on demand and mobile workshops that reach the consumer if needed.

«We wanted to create a totally digital reality to distance ourselves from the classic local retailers and with all the consequent advantages: speed of purchase and a greater possibility of choice. To date there are 70 models present in ours store but the goal is to further expand the catalog during the year, always and only focusing on quality products, trekking, e-MTB, city bikes and e-gravel», continues Giunchi.

Innovation that also passes through sales formulas borrowed fromautomotive. Among the most innovative services for the consumer there is in fact that of the 12 or 24 month loan formula at the end of which you can choose whether to return it, exchange it for a new one or redeem it with the maxi final installment. «The percentage of bike returns is around 3%, given that it says a lot about the satisfaction with the chosen vehicle – comments Giunchi -. Most customers choose the 24-month installment formula and then there is absolute equality between those who change it after the installment period and the other 50% who redeem it».

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