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Unstructured data storage, a new phase is underway

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Unstructured data storage, a new phase is underway

Pure Storage introduces the FlashBlade//E scale-out repository developed to handle the growth of unstructured data, improving the energy efficiency level of the industry. With acquisition costs competitive with disks and significantly lower operating costs, the arrival of FlashBlade//E means that customers no longer have to settle for disks. FlashBlade//And it will be available generally by the end of April 2023.

Less costs

  • FlashBlade//E offers a more effective solution to manage the growth of unstructured data in an efficient, reliable and sustainable way with a perfect user experience. Furthermore, an economic convenience that allows the elimination of the last disks left inside the data center.
  • economies of scale: FlashBlade//E is offered for less than $0.20 per GB including three years of support. The platform starts at 4PB and then grows with reliable performance.

Unstructured data storage

  • The best energy efficiency in the industry: FlashBlade//E consumes up to 5 times less than the disk systems it replaces. The bigger the system, the more significant theefficiencyhelping companies achieve their sustainability goals.
  • Simplicity, reliability and an uninterrupted future: FlashBlade//E is designed to flexibly grow on demand with 10-20 times greater reliability than hard disk-based systems. Recalling the cloud with its simplicity, flexibility, and performance predictability, FlashBlade//E remains simple to manage at any scale.

Costs according to consumption

In addition to the traditional purchase option, customers will be able to choose to implement FlashBlade//E through a new tier of service within Evergreen//One. That’s a subscription-based Storage as-a-Service (STaaS) offering from Pure that delivers a pay-as-you-go pricing model and a scalable cloud experience with all the control you get from an on-premises installation.

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A turning point for the sector

Unstructured data capacity is expected to be targeted at grow in global enterprises by ten times by 2030. In the case of large capacity workloads for which cost is a sensitive element, the use of current disk storage solutions makes such a prospect unsustainable. Disk systems are a burden on many companies’ IT teams and budgets because they are cumbersome to manage, require enormous amounts of energy, and take up a lot of space. In addition, their components all too often fail causing operational disruptions and putting valuable data at risk.

A new phase of unstructured data storage is underway

All of this only reduces the possibility of deriving value from the data. While modern file and object storage solutions can address many of these challenges, they have not been a viable option for large unstructured data repositories. Particularly sensitive to the cost factor – at least until today.

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