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Upskill 4.0 promotes social innovation

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Upskill 4.0 promotes social innovation

Connecting Made in Italy companies with Higher Technical Institutes and Universities to promote innovation paths aimed at the professional and cultural growth of young people. This is the goal of Upskill 4.0spin-off of Ca ‘Foscari University of Venice and society Benefitsupported by numerous ITS distributed throughout the country and by the contribution of UniCredit.

A format born from a successful path, ITS 4.0, which from 2018 to 2022 ITS 4.0 gave life to about 280 projects with the involvement of over 300 companies and 2700 students. Funded by Ministry of Education and developed byCa ‘Foscari University of Venice, has enabled a transformation of ITS teaching and has increased its ability to promote innovative projects in the context of the digital revolution. Hence the idea of Stefano Micelliprofessor of Economics and Business Management at Ca ‘Foscari University of Venice, convinced that technologies are a stimulus to relaunch growth and employment, but also aware that the involvement of university researchers and students represents an effective contribution for the organizational transformation of small and medium-sized territorial realities.

The path allows young students ITS to immerse themselves in the world of design with training courses through the methodology of design thinkingvisits to companies, as well as direct discussions with entrepreneurs and professionals, followed by the creation of prototypes.

Today Upskill 4.0 designs and develops interventions for the regeneration of supply chains and territories, creating a virtuous bridge between technical training, businesses and local institutions. The goal is to demonstrate the great potential of technologies to production sectors that struggle to deal with the technological transition through the eyes of students. ITS. Examples are high craftsmanship, agri-food, tourism or traditional manufacturing. Up to now the regions involved have been Sicily, Veneto, Umbria e Piedmontbut in 2023 they will also add Lombardy e Marche.

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