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Upsound +1 Xbox Series X/S price adjustment | XFastest News

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Upsound +1 Xbox Series X/S price adjustment | XFastest News

Today, Microsoft Japan announced that it will adjust the prices of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S from February 17, both of which will increase5,000 yen (about NT$1,155).

After the price increase, the price of Xbox Series X reached 59,978 yen, and Xbox Series S also cost 37,978 yen.

In response to this price increase, Microsoft Japan stated: The adjustment of the Xbox price in Japan is the result of an in-depth investigation and research on the Japanese market. We will conduct regular investigations and research on local prices to ensure that each market has a reasonable consistency. . We understand that this price adjustment will affect consumers. It is really a difficult decision, but we will continue to work hard to bring players the best Xbox experience everyone has come to expect.

It is worth mentioning that Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s Xbox brand, said last year that Xbox consoles, games and subscription services will not increase prices. But at the time, Phil Spencer also pointed out that this promise cannot be maintained forever, and at some point it will have to increase the price of something.

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