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Valentine’s Day greetings 2024: Beautiful sayings for lovers free for WhatsApp and Co.

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Valentine’s Day greetings 2024: Beautiful sayings for lovers free for WhatsApp and Co.

Digital greetings are very popular. Even on Valentine’s Day, Germans like to send greetings to their loved ones via WhatsApp etc.! Here you can easily download the most beautiful sayings and graphics for the day of lovers.

Digital greetings via WhatsApp, Telegram and Co. are very popular – including on Valentine’s Day. Small graphics that put a smile on the recipient’s face with a greeting, a saying or a poem are particularly popular. We have put together some greetings for Lovers’ Day that you can copy, download and send to your sweetheart.

Digital Valentine’s Day greetings on WhatsApp: Popular sayings, poems and quotes for Lovers’ Day 2024

If you don’t want to send pictures, you can simply send a poem or quote on Valentine’s Day.

I love you for everything you are. And I love you even more for what we are together. Happy Valentine’s Day! This greeting comes from the heart, I can always joke with you! Happy Valentine’s Day! You’re the best thing that ever happened to me. Happy Valentine’s Day, my prince. I’m telling you today for Valentine’s Day that I really like you! You are simply wonderful, of course this year too! Happy Valentines Day! I want to love you twice in life: now and forever. Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you – come smooch! You are my entire happiness – my heart belongs only to you! Best wishes for Valentine’s Day from your sweetheart. On Valentine’s Day, as everyone knows, you tell each other that you love each other. That’s why I’m writing to you with my pen: It’s great that you exist! Valentine’s Day is just commerce, hopefully my heart is enough for you. On Valentine’s Day I’ll hug you tight: You’re the very best for me! You are the reason I wake up with a smile every day. Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweetheart!

Valentine’s Day greetings 2024 for WhatsApp with sayings and poems

In addition to sayings and poems, pictures with Valentine’s Day greetings are also very popular. We have put together a few for you that you can easily download by clicking on the magnifying glass.

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Search Everyone is happy about digital greetings for Valentine’s Day. Image: AdobeStock / karandaev Search How about a love poem on Valentine’s Day? Image: AdobeStock / photo_mts Search Valentine’s Day on February 14th is considered the day of lovers. Image: AdobeStock / Sunset-Paper’s Search Happy Valentine’s Day Image: AdobeStock / winvic

You can find more graphics on our Pinterest board.

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