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Valve surprises with a new (or old) game mode

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Valve surprises with a new (or old) game mode

Hard to believe but true: with the new patch for Counter Strike 2, a popular game mode from the previous game CS:GO is coming back.

Which: Valve

New updates in Counter Strike 2: For example, agents now get unique animations for the end of the game. From now on it is possible to express both the joy of a victory and the disappointment of a defeat.

Valve has Game Mode after a long wait Arms Race, also known as Arms Race, brought back to its shooter. This mode was already one of the most popular game modes in CS:GO. Players have to equip themselves with different weapons as quickly as possible and compete against other players. The weapon changes automatically after each firing. The first person to get a kill with the last weapon, the knife, wins the arms race.

The mode is often considered a spiritual successor to the earlier Gun Games and was particularly popular in CS:GO as it offered players the opportunity to warm up or take a break from the demanding ranked matches.

Arms race, weapon painting, and much more.

In addition to the welcome return of the new (old) mode, there are a few more updates in Counter Strike 2. In keeping with the reintroduction of the Arms Race, Valve presents us with the corresponding maps: Baggage and Shoots. These maps are already known from CS:GO and have been optimized accordingly for CS2. At Baggage, an airport baggage handling facility, you even have the opportunity to take control of the conveyor belts.

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There are also other updates available with the new patch. There is now the ability to freely place stickers, so players can place and rotate their stickers in desired positions on their weapons. You can now place up to five stickers on each weapon. Plus, you can now Zeus x27 Reuse in all game modes after a 30 second recharge time. The “Kilowatt” Weapon Crate is now available and contains 17 community-designed weapon finishes, as well as the Kukri knife in various designs as a particularly rare item. Additionally, various bugs have been fixed and optimizations made to improve the gaming experience and there are some minor gameplay improvements and fixes, as well as new music kits.

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