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Vectra MXDR debuts against hybrid attacks

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Vectra MXDR debuts against hybrid attacks

Vectra AI has made available Vectra MXDR, the first global MXDR service active 24/7, capable of defending organizations even from hybrid attacks. The new offering eliminates silos to deliver visibility hybrid attack surface across identities, public cloud, SaaS, data centers, cloud networks and endpoints through integrations with leading EDR vendors.

A new threat landscape

With the move to hybrid and multi-cloud environments, all businesses are now hybrid businesses, and all modern attacks have become hybrid attacks. This has rendered traditional threat detection and response solutions ineffective in defending organizations in the face of the new threat landscape. This has increased the need for assuring detection coverage of the entire expanding hybrid attack surface. However, the implementation of different detection solutions has led to the creation of siled tools and a proliferation of rules, causing an unmanageable volume of alerts for SOC managers.

Prevent hybrid attacks from becoming breaches

Recent research indicates that SOC teams spend nearly four hours a day manually triaging alerts. This continuous influx of alerts has led to excessive workload, burnout and high turnover among SOC analysts. And as teams grapple with this situation, attackers continue to exploit complexity, latency and background noise to move laterally, advance attacks and exfiltration the data without being identified. SOC teams need precise, fast, and scalable signals to prevent modern hybrid attacks

With Vectra MXDR, businesses can consolidation every aspect of threat detection and response in a unified service, eliminating the need for multiple vendors. Integrations with major industry-leading EDR platforms, including Crowdstrike, SentinelOne, and Microsoft Defender, allow Vectra AI’s MXDR analysts to monitor the health of an entire security system. And so of intervene directly, regardless of where the signal comes from.

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The origin of the signal.

Hitesh Sheth, President and CEO of Vectra AI
After the launch of Vectra AI Platform, we realized that our customers who they outsource these services need a comprehensive platform and access to MXDR specialists dedicated to investigating malicious activity. With the launch of Vectra MXDR, we are offering our customers access to the best experts in defending against hybrid attacks, with the most accurate, AI-driven signal available on the market today. This is to help them manage increasing workloads and alleviate the burnout their analysts are experiencing.

24/7 global protection

Vectra MXDR offers SOC leaders, analysts and security architects comprehensive coverage, clarity and check across the entire hybrid attack surface. The benefits offered by the service include:

AI-driven Attack Signal Intelligence. With Vectra AI’s patented Attack Signal Intelligence, Vectra MXDR analysts leverage AI and machine learning to understand customers’ unique environments. They can also focus on the behavior of the attackers for distinguish between harmful events and normal activities. This allows analysts to identify the most urgent attacks to prioritize in real time.
Experts available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, in defense against hybrid attacks. Vectra’s MXDR specialists are experts in hybrid attacks apply experience and knowledge in defending against these types of attacks for global 24-hour protection.
Copertura completa end-to-end. Vectra MXDR manages every aspect of detection and response in a single, unified service. Thus eliminating the need for multiple service providers and multiple platforms. Vectra MXDR debuts against hybrid attacks

Remote response and remediation. Organizations can isolate, contain and mitigate hybrid attacks with manual or automated response actions. This allows you to minimize damage and maintain the continuity corporate.
Adaptability according to customer needs. With a flexible operating model, Vectra MXDR can adapt to specific business needs. This ensures a security strategy personalized through a variety of defensive models.
Managed configuration of security policies. Vectra industry experts create and enforce the policy configuration that governs the enterprise security system, both on the Vectra AI platform and EDR. Thus protecting and defending it proactively from threats.
The human element

Gary Ruiz, VP, WW Professional Services di Vectra AI
The reality is that companies need one combination of endpoint protection solutions and network security tools to protect against hybrid attacks. Our approach to XDR is unique. Not only do we integrate these technologies into a single offering, but we use our AI-driven signaling to gather intelligence across the entire hybrid attack surface and pinpoint real attacks.

By adding the services component with Vectra MXDR, we are bringing the human element into the process to help customers implement and manage this integrated approach. Our experts they monitor environments continuously and help customers manage incidents by implementing response and remediation actions for them. This significantly reduces the workload on SOC teams. It also allows us to be much more effective for our customers.

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