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VIDEO: “Florida Joker” responds after appearing in the GTA 6 trailer | gaming

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VIDEO: “Florida Joker” responds after appearing in the GTA 6 trailer |  gaming

The new trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 is making headlines, and not just for its exciting gameplay and graphics. The trailer is full of references and familiar faces, including one that has sparked controversy. Lawrence Sullivan, better known as “Florida Joker,” has been spotted in the trailer, prompting a response from the internet sensation.

Sullivan gained fame in 2017 when his mugshot went viral due to his striking resemblance to the character played by Jared Leto in the film Suicide Squad. The internet dubbed him the “Florida Joker” as a result. Now, it seems that Rockstar, the company behind GTA, may have included a character inspired by Sullivan in their new game.

In the trailer, a character with a strikingly similar appearance to Sullivan can be seen. Although there are minor differences in hair color and tattoos, it’s clear that this character was influenced by the “Florida Joker.” In a response to the inclusion of his likeness in the game, Sullivan stated, “You know they have that character with the face tattoos, you know who they were inspired by? Me. Look for me, the Florida Joker. You know what I’m talking about.”

This isn’t the first time that GTA has faced criticism for its character designs. In 2013, actress Lindsay Lohan wanted to sue the company for using her image to create one of the characters on the GTA 5 poster, but the lawsuit was eventually dismissed.

The new GTA 6 game is set in the state of Leonida, which closely resembles Florida, and fans have already noticed several real-life references to Florida in the trailer. The game is highly anticipated and has broken viewership records on YouTube, generating numerous theories from eager fans.

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With the controversy surrounding Sullivan’s likeness in the game, many are wondering if Rockstar intentionally recreated the “Florida Joker,” or if it’s simply a coincidence. The release of the game in 2025 is eagerly awaited by fans who are eager to see how this all unfolds. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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