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Video games: the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy also arrives on Netflix

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Video games: the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy also arrives on Netflix

It may not be the best possible version (reviews were mixed at the time) but it is the most updated and it’s still incredible to think that video games that 15-20 years ago represented the pinnacle of what consoles could offerare now available on any smartphone.

Yes, because the news is that from December 14th the Definitive Edition Of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy it’s available within Netflix Games (things?) in the form of a downloadable app for Android or iOS.

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The 3 GTAs that changed video games

The trilogy, out in November 2021 for computers, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox, includes titles that have made the history of the series GTA and also changed the world of gaming forever (as we told here)Meaning what Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City e Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, each updated for mobile devices. Where it is not unlikely that they perform better than on the latest generation consoles.

GTA IIIthe first in the series with three-dimensional graphics, is set in Liberty City, while Vice City takes place in what could be a reproduction of Miami in the 1980s and instead San Andreas allows the player to move between cities and towns of an imaginary state that is very reminiscent of the California and to breathe the atmosphere (and music) of the nineties.

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Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Editionso we can already put on the list while waiting to be able to complete the download (everything is done through the Netflix app), it is added to a catalog of over 80 smartphone games and concretely confirms, as already done the arrival of the Game Controller appthe Los Gatos company’s intention to insist on this form of digital entertainment.

Video games are accessible to everyone nearly 250 million Netflix subscribers and are included for free in all subscription plans: at the last Geeked Week, among other things, the arrival of another 10 new titles was announced, including gems such as Hades e Death’s Door.



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