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Viennese startup launches clothing swap app for environmentally conscious parents

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Viennese startup launches clothing swap app for environmentally conscious parents

The Viennese startup Neworn launched its app of the same name in Austria today. The platform enables the trade in second-hand baby and children’s clothing and aims to reward environmentally conscious behavior through loyalty points. Neworn states that it cooperates particularly with small, local and exclusively sustainable companies.

Clothes swap app that aims to reward environmentally conscious parents

According to the Federal Environment Agency, around 83% of clothing in Austria ends up in landfills, a circumstance that significantly worsens the global waste problem. The fashion industry, with its high CO2 emissions, is said to contribute even more to the current environmental problem than global air and shipping traffic combined.

What is often overlooked is that parents in particular are faced with the challenge of managing the constant need for new clothing for their growing babies and children. In view of this, parents are increasingly looking for sustainable solutions. Second-hand clothing offers a resource-saving alternative. The young startup Neworn has developed an app that is tailored to parents who want to make more sustainable decisions and save money in the process.

The Vienna-based startup was founded in 2023 by Caroline Schober and Ole Thijs Kramer. Using the platform enables the exchange of second-hand baby and children’s clothing. The special thing about this: Neworn rewards sustainability-promoting decisions by allowing users to collect loyalty points through trading via the app. These points can then be redeemed at more than 20 sustainable partner companies.

Focus on local shops and sustainably produced products

The company places a particular focus on local, small shops that only offer sustainably produced products. Using the Neworn app is also incredibly easy: parents can register for free and start buying and selling clothes and accessories straight away.

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Caroline Schober and Ole Thijs Kramer, the founders of Neworn, have a clear idea of ​​what they want to achieve with their app: “Our vision is to extend the lifespan of children’s and baby clothing and to sustainably improve the lives of families and to make a contribution to reducing the CO2 footprint,” says Caroline Schober.

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