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View Conference 2022: what the future of entertainment is like

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View Conference 2022: what the future of entertainment is like

“We are social animals, the ability to meet people, to talk to those who create what we look at as spectators, as admirers or professionals, to do it in presence has an important value, especially after two years of pandemic”, says Maria Elena Gutierrez, CEO of View Conference.

From 16 to 21 October 2022 it returns to OGR Turin the 23rd edition of View Conferencean event dedicated to the new frontiers of animation, visual effects, video games and visions on the future of the digital sector which includes 115 meetings, 9 lectio magistralis, 138 speakers, of which 120 in attendance, 7 Oscar winners and 10 recruiters.

The art of storytelling in the digital age

Charm, Pinocchio, Red, Lightyear The true story of Buzz, Puss in Boots The Last Wish … The list of insights dedicated by View to the most recent blockbusters made by major studios such as Walt Disney Studios, Pixar Animation Studios or Netflix is ​​long, you will find the complete program on the event website.


Paramount + Secret is a streaming idea that seemed like a loser

by Pier Luigi Pisa

To illustrate their works will be the filmmakers themselves, starting from Oscar winner Robert Zemeckis, in a virtual conversation with visual effects supervisor Kevin Baillie on the creative path taken to bring to the screen his Pinocchio. Other acclaimed authors will illustrate the art of narrating the forms of digital, protagonists such as Chris Williamsregistry of The Sea Beast, former Academy Award winner for Big Hero6; o Henry Selickdirector of Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline and the magic door e Wendell and Wildrelease October 21, 2022.


Christian Cantamessa: “Imagination? It’s a TV to tune in”

by Eleonora Chioda

Between past and present, The Lion King will speak with the voice of its director, Rob Minkoffwhich at View will present an in-depth study on the creation, at the time innovative, of the beloved Disney classic of 1994.

On the bill a varied offer of presentations that not only concern cinema, but also television series such as Lost Ollie created by Shannon Tindle and directed by Peter Ramsey or the touching and acclaimed anthology of animated shorts, by Netflix, Love, Death + Robots, which will be represented by its producer Tim Miller. On the gaming side you will have the opportunity to meet the creators of the recent success, exclusively for Sony PlayStatio, Horizon Forbidden West, Jan-Bart Van Beek of the Dutch studio Guerrilla Games. Risto Jankkila and Sharman Jagadeesan will illustrate the real-time visual effects used for Returnala title that in 2022 earned four Bafta Games Awards.


Among the highlights of the 23rd edition we find a series of Italian and international premieres with unpublished images and videos, including the first 20 minutes, exclusively, of the Disney animated film Strange World A mysterious world, presented by its producer Roy Conli. The talk online Oscar winner Henry Selick who, with Argentine illustrator Pablo Lobato and Suzanne Twining, will present his new feature film in stop motion, Wendell & Wild, made for Netflix. Nora Twomey will talk about her new animated feature film My Father’s Dragon, also from Netflix, while executive producer Kane Lee will accompany the world premiere of the Japanese miniseries in four episodes Oni Thunder God’s Tale. Finally, director Joel Crawford will present the DreamWorks film Puss in Boots The last wishspin-off of Shrek and sequel to the funny The cat with the boots, 2011 animated film.

The future is now

View Conference is also a stage on which creatives, technology specialists and digital industry leaders can share their experiences and ideas through a series of specialist panels. In this particular section of the Conference, figures such as Marc Petit, vice president of Unreal Engine Ecosystem for Epic Games, will be protagonists, who will hold an in-depth conference on Metaversocoordinating some pioneers of Virtual Reality who will take the stage to discuss the possibilities offered by immersive worlds, the existing ones, the ones we will see in the future.


The Ukrainian startup that gives voice to Darth Vader

by Carlo Lavalle

The metaverse that on paper has infinite possibilities, some of these real and already exploited by creatives like Julien Fourniedesigner who created haute couture outfits for the video game PUBG Mobile and collaborated with Dassalt Systèmes, Apple, Tencent Games and Disney.

Experts in the field of virtual productions will examine the convergence between the real and the digital world in cinema, while artificial intelligence will be analyzed in depth in a series of debates on the complex relationship between artistic production and artificial intelligence. Among these Scott Eaton will talk about the current state of the art of AI, his work explores the boundaries of figurative representation by combining traditional means with machine learning, data and computer graphics.

The relationship between art and AI, Maria Elena Gutierrez tells us, will also be the subject of reflections that touch on two themes, which have arisen recently and are extremely sensitive at this moment: ethics and legislation. View Conference will be preceded by ViewFest, Digital Movie Festival, from 14 to 16 October on the bill at the Cinema Massimo in Turin.

The Conference makes an appointment in person, again in Turin, for a week full of meetings, presentations, round tables and workshops. Part of the 2022 edition will be online, the event will be in English.

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