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Vision Pro helps with surgery!Brazilian doctor hails game-changer

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Vision Pro helps with surgery!Brazilian doctor hails game-changer

Apple’s Vision Pro Used in Successful Shoulder Surgery by Brazilian Plastic Surgeon

At last year’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), tech giant Apple launched Vision Pro, a device that received mixed reviews. However, the company is still promoting the device and expanding on its applications. Recently, foreign media reports have highlighted an interesting use of Vision Pro in the medical field.

According to reports from WCCFtech and MacMagazine, Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr. Bruno Gobbato successfully performed shoulder surgery on a patient using Vision Pro. The surgery was to repair a rotator cuff tear, which was caused by excessive wear and tear of the shoulder tendon tissue. Dr. Gobbato praised the device for its ability to display surgery-related information through lenses and sensors, making the surgery process smoother.

Traditionally, shoulder arthroscopic surgery involves a lens inside the joint, with the surgeon looking at a screen to perform the surgery. With Vision Pro, high-resolution images can be seen on a movie-sized screen, allowing real-time viewing of patient conditions and 3D models. Dr. Gobbato, who has used Microsoft HoloLens for surgery in the past, considers Vision Pro a “game changer” that has replaced many previous devices.

While Vision Pro has many potential uses beyond surgery, some users have reported issues with the device. Complaints of heaviness, dizziness, dark circles, headaches, and neck pain have been raised. Apple is expected to address these concerns as they continue to improve the device. The company also has plans to launch Vision Pro in more countries this year.

As technology continues to advance in the medical field, devices like Vision Pro have the potential to revolutionize surgical procedures and enhance patient outcomes. Stay tuned for further developments in this exciting new technology.

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