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Vittoria, new enduro race range

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Vittoria, new enduro race range

Victoria tyres Hammer, Mace e Mota are now available with the new “1C Race” soft compound, added to Graphene and Silica, and a reinforced 60 TPI nylon casing, thus improving grip, absorption and protection against punctures.

Vittoria improves its range of MTB tires for enduro by introducing the “Race” versions for the Martello, Mazza and Mota models, calling them Martello Race, Mazza Race and Mota Race. The common feature is the new “1C Race” compound, very soft, designed for competitions, able to offer excellent grip in any condition, shock absorption at any lean angle, constant traction and control even in the most technical sections, as well as flexibility and optimal tread deformation thanks also to the addition of Graphene and Silica molecules.

This new Vittoria “Enduro Race” range benefits from a new stronger 60 TPI nylon casing which maximizes puncture protection without compromising flex. A multilayer protective layer has been positioned in the central part of the tire, while the anti-puncture inserts made of “hi-tech” rubber protect the shoulders of the tire from pinching against the rim. The rims are made of collapsible Kevlar, to ensure optimal tubeless grip. The graphics on the sidewalls of the tires are also new.

The three models Mazza Race, Martello Race and Mota Race are available in diameters 27.5” and 29”, with sections of 2.40” and 2.60”. Claimed weights range from 1,130 to 1,410 grams depending on the model. The prezzo the list price is €72.90 for each of them. The same models with 4C and Graphene compound, already appreciated for their durability, remain in the catalogue.

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– Website Vittoria

Article edited by Robert Chiappa
Photo: © Vittoria

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