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Vodafone CallYa Digital: 20-Gigabyte-Prepaid-Tarif mit 60 Euro Bonus

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Vodafone CallYa Digital: 20-Gigabyte-Prepaid-Tarif mit 60 Euro Bonus

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You can now find countless cell phone tariffs online, so deciding on the right one is not always easy. Basically, you have the choice between fixed-term contracts, where you are bound to the contract for a set period of time, and prepaid tariffs without a contractual obligation. The latter can usually be canceled or paused on a monthly basis. You can currently find an exciting promotion at Vodafone: new customers receive “CallYa Digital60.00 euros starting credit.

CallYa Digital: 60 euros new customer bonus – Here’s how it works

If you, as a new customer, decide on the prepaid “CallYa Digital” tariff from Vodafone,* there is currently a lucrative starting credit of 60.00 euros. To do this, you must enter the code “BONUS60” in the appropriate field when ordering the Vodafone free card. The bonus credit will automatically be offset against the tariff for the first three months until it is used up. This means you get a total of 60 gigabytes of data volume for free – a great deal!

The Vodafone CallYa Digital prepaid tariff at a glance

20 gigabytes of data volume in the Vodafone 4G/LTE Max and 5G network Telephone and SMS flat rate within Germany EU roaming included Free SIM card without connection price 60.00 euros Bonus credit for new customers Otherwise 20.00 euros every four weeks

Who is the CallYa Digital prepaid tariff worthwhile for?

Overall, prepaid tariffs are particularly suitable for occasional users who only use their cell phones every now and then. Because they don’t have to pay a basic monthly fee and can top up their credit when they need it. You also remain flexible with the CallYa Digital tariff and can easily change or pause it at any time. And if you still want to surf the Internet often while you’re on the go, you can’t go wrong here either. Because with CallYa Digital you get 20 gigabytes of data volume in the 5G network and can be online extensively.

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Cheaper alternative: CallYa Allnet Flat S

For real infrequent surfers, the CallYa Allnet Flat S is a cost-effective alternative. Here you get six gigabytes of monthly data volume and only pay 9.99 euros every four weeks.* A telephone and SMS flat rate within Germany is also included. For loyal Vodafone customers, the data volume increases by one gigabyte every four weeks.

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