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Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer, all the details of the new wagon and…

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Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer, all the details of the new wagon and…

Volkswagen announced the new one ID.7 Tourer, an electric wagon that promises autonomy, space and comfort. And even if we didn’t have the opportunity to test the battery life, we can confirm space and comfort after seeing a preview. With a battery of up to 86 kWhhowever, the ID.7 Tourer promises 687 kilometers of autonomy, and if you ask the IDA voice assistant to organize charging stops during the journey, you can travel anywhere with this electric station wagon.

With this new model, Volkswagen further expands its ID.7 range, alongside the fast-back sedans and the plug-in hybrid, mild hybrid, petrol and diesel variants of the Passat. If you go electric and want space, however, the ID.7 Tourer could be the right car.

Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer, all the details of the new electric wagon

The ID.7 Tourer seems capable of balancing a family’s space needs well with interesting lines: from the elongated roofline to the tail, it is an electric wagon with an attractive design. Yet, it manages to have a maximum load capacity of 605 liters with five people on board (with the rear seatbacks upright), which reaches i 1,714 liters with the seats folded down. The trunk seemed particularly high to us: the type of space you need when going on holiday.

Both models are almost long five metres (4,961 mm to be precise), with a very long wheelbase, equal to almost three meters (2,971 mm). Optional, but with a great effect is the Smart Glass roof, which with a simple gesture you can make transparent to enjoy the view during a journey. This system uses PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal), and the transition effect is an extra gem in this well-studied car.

The Volkswagen team explains to us that the ID.7 Tourer will initially be available in versions ID.7 Tourer Pro1 e ID.7 Tourer Pro S1. Both have a power of 210 kW (286 CV) and rear-wheel drive. The Pro1 version has one battery 77 kWhwhile the Pro S1 adopts a new, more powerful battery 86 kWh. The possibility of fast charging at DC columns allows you to obtain a maximum power of 175 kW3 e 200 kW3, respectively. This means that, according to Volkswagen, it will take you only 28 (for the 77 kWh battery) and 30 minutes (for the 86 kWh battery) to go from 10 to 80% autonomy.

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Furthermore, using theEV Route Planner you can plan trips and have travel times that also take into account charging breaks. An important convenience for travelling.

IDA will become even smarter with ChatGPT

One of the features that struck us most about the ID.7 Tourer is the equipment full of technology and comfort. It goes from Keyless Access keyless entry systemup to the navigation system Discover Pro Max, which you can also follow on the head-up display with augmented reality. There is no shortage of Android Auto and wireless Apple CarPlay, although using the software of the MIB4 infotainment system you will find several interesting features.

We really appreciated how Volkswagen has chosen to allow navigation of the operating system both via buttons on the steering wheel and on the large touchscreen (we are 15 inches, with a display that seemed to us to be of excellent quality even in the sun). Or, if you prefer, you can use the IDA voice assistant. We found it simple to ask IDA to raise the three-zone Air Care Climatronic climate control system a few degrees, heat the front seats or to point us to nearby charging stations.

An interesting novelty, but which will arrive with an update (server side) during 2024, is the integration of ChatGPT, which offers intuitive control and answers questions through access to online databases. The Volkwagen team told us that it will integrate the OpenAI model both to better understand user requests (if you say “where to buy a gift for a new mother” it will show you the florists open in the area), and to request information and process texts. The IDA assistant will always inform you about the sources. So, if you ask “tell me about the history of the Colosseum” she will tell you that she is quoting Wikipedia, if you ask for a story for children she will tell you that she is using ChatGPT. And Volkswagen explained to us that it anonymizes requests and always deletes the history, to protect the privacy of those who drive the ID.7 Tourer.

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ID.7 Tourer, Volkswagen also thinks about the well-being of the driver and passengers

Another new thing is the optional Wellness app, which allows you to adjust various vehicle functions to maximize well-being while driving or taking breaks. We tested it and liked it: adjusts the light, plays relaxing music and starts massages on the seat.

The intelligent automatic climate control, the seats with pressure point massage function and climate control, together with the new Wellness appcreate a driving experience that puts the person at the centre.

With the new ID.7 Tourer, Volkswagen combines station wagon space with electric power, with cutting-edge technology that never fails. If you want further technical details, you can find them on the Volkswagen website. If you have any curiosity about the effect this electric wagon has had on us, just ask in the comments.

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