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Warcraft Legion: Game Design Insight and Future Plans from Senior Developers

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Warcraft Legion: Game Design Insight and Future Plans from Senior Developers

Blizzard Entertainment‘s highly anticipated mobile game, “Warcraft Legion,” is set to launch globally on November 4. The game has already undergone extensive testing and has been released in several countries. To provide more insights into the game, senior 3D artist Justine Hamer and senior game designer Brendan Farrell were interviewed and shared their perspectives on various aspects of game design.

One of the questions addressed was whether there would be a “story mode” for new players to better understand the plot and background of the “Warcraft” series. The answer provided was that the current single-player campaign mode functions as the story mode, with each level offering small hints and background stories to connect with the larger Warcraft narrative.

Another topic discussed was the earning of in-game gold coins and how new players should prioritize their spending. The development team emphasized that while gold coins are essential for progress, they want players to be able to complete the game without having to pay for gold. It is ultimately up to players to decide whether to focus on team cultivation or acquiring new chess pieces.

The development team also talked about the adjustments made during the testing phase leading up to the game’s launch. They expressed gratitude for the players’ feedback and highlighted the changes made to talents, likes/dislikes, buffs/nerfs, and the introduction of the war chest and guild system.

Regarding the proportion of PvE (Player versus Environment) and PvP (Player versus Player) content in the game, the team aimed to make both aspects equally fulfilling. However, they ensured that players could choose to focus on their preferred play style while still enjoying the game. The interconnectedness of PvE and PvP was emphasized, with units unlocked in PvP being usable in PvE, and PvE progress affecting PvP.

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When asked about the possibility of adding original heroes or characters from other Blizzard games, the team mentioned that the focus currently remains on characters in the Warcraft universe. However, they expressed interest in introducing new soldiers and leaders, including lesser-known characters from World of Warcraft, but there are no plans to incorporate characters from other series at the moment.

Addressing concerns about the game lacking content, the team indicated that future updates with new quests, pieces, leaders, dungeons, and PVP maps are part of their plans. The frequency and timing of updates will be determined based on player feedback and needs.

While the game is currently focused on the mobile platform, the team has considered launching it on other platforms such as PC or home consoles. However, their primary energy is currently devoted to ensuring the game’s completeness on mobile.

The Q-version cartoon style used in the game was chosen to ensure immediate recognition of each soldier by players and to represent their abilities effectively.

Lastly, when designing the game for mobile devices, the art team prioritized recognition and capturing the joyful melee experience of Warcraft. They drew inspiration from past Warcraft materials to ensure that players familiar with the franchise could easily recognize the world of Warcraft on their mobile devices.

With the global launch of “Warcraft Legion” just around the corner, fans of the Warcraft series can look forward to a rich and immersive gaming experience on their mobile devices.

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