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We finally figured out what the heaviest animal ever is (he’s still alive)

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We finally figured out what the heaviest animal ever is (he’s still alive)

The reign of the ocean giant, the blue whale, was briefly called into question last year, when sensational discoveries appeared to have found a heavier contender: Perucetus colossus, an ancient leviathan that lived about 39 million years ago.

However, the waters have cleared up and the title of the heaviest animal ever to have lived on our planet has been made reconfirmed to the blue whale, thanks to groundbreaking research that cast doubt on previous claims. The giant blue whale, up to 270 tons weight and the length comparable to that of three school buses, demonstrated once again that no one can compete with its majesty.

Last year’s research on the Perucetus colossus, based on the discovery of fossil remains in Peru, had suggested that this cetacean ancestor could outweigh the current specimen, thanks to an unusually dense set of bones, thought to help it maintain its neutral buoyancy similar to that of a hippopotamus.

However, a recent review led by Professor Ryosuke Motani of UC Davis and Nick Pyenson of the Smithsonian Institute has cast significant doubt on these estimates. Through a reprocessing of the data, they have highlighted inconsistencies in the methodology used to calculate weight of Perucetus colossus, particularly in how skeletal weight was related to body size and how extreme bone density was interpreted.

Their analysis states that such a heavy body would have prevented Perucetus colossus from performing essential daily activities, such as surfacing to breathe or swim effectively. This scientific repositioning not only restores the blue whale to its rightful place of primacy but also opens up new questions about the lives of these ancient giants of the seas.

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