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We need mandatory cybersecurity courses for those in public office

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We need mandatory cybersecurity courses for those in public office

The Twitter profile of the Ecological Transition Ministry has been hacked. It is not the first time that it happens to a minister in Italy or in the world. It happens. Not every day, but it happens. It must be said that Roberto Cingolani’s ministry a few months ago suffered an attack on the website and was forced to be offline, off the network, for several days.

The case

No cybersecurity in election programs

by Arturo Di Corinto

And it should be added that these two episodes demonstrate a certain cyber vulnerability of a key ministry in this phase of gas price crisis. And finally, to avoid unnecessary alarmism, it must be considered that in neither of the two cases there was any damage: so no Russian hacker took possession of secret documents on Italy’s energy supplies. And today no tweet has triggered a diplomatic crisis: the only effect was to let many know the identity of the founder of Ethereum, the Canadian Vitalik Buterin, whose photo the mysterious hacker has put in place of that of Roberto Cingolani on his profile of the MITE.

The case

The former security chief accuses Twitter of having a Chinese spy in society

by Arcangelo Rociola

A little bad. However, if this news can teach us anything, it is that even today among the highest public offices there is a general underestimation of the importance of IT security. As if it were a technical issue and in any case, not that important. And this despite many large Italian companies and institutions in recent months have been the subject of major attacks. The most sensational example is not what happened to Cingolani’s Twitter profile today, but to the whatsapp profile of a magistrate of the Court of Auditors, who fell into a trivial trap by losing control of the entire telephone directory where he perhaps kept passwords and other sensitive information.

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The Twitter account of the Ecological Transition Ministry was hacked

by Arcangelo Rociola

Moral? We need mandatory IT security courses for those in public office. The National Cybersecurity Agency could take care of it. After all, the first step to have more security is awareness.

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