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We Shouldn’t Worry About The Last of Us Cordyceps Infection, Mycologist Says

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We Shouldn’t Worry About The Last of Us Cordyceps Infection, Mycologist Says

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Article: Ben Lyons – Gamereactor.cn

No doubt many of you have been watching HBO’s The Last of Us, maybe even reruns of Naughty Dog’s brilliant video game, and started wondering if fungi are a real threat to humans. Well, according to mycologist Paul Stamets, the Cordyceps fungus on the show is far from a threat to humans.

Speaking on Twitter about fungus and The Last of Us, Stamets said:

“I just finished watching the second episode of #TheLastOfUs and I have two comments.

“First and foremost, I’m a sci-fi fan, and I love weaving fungi’s creative elements into the narrative.

“But let’s be real. Cordyceps cannot infect humans.


Stamets went on to add: “This is a theme that the novel weaves into, interspersed with mycology and exploiting mycophobia: the fear of fungi. It is natural for humans to fear that which is powerful but mysterious and misunderstood.

As for what cordyceps can actually do for humans, he points out: “In fact, fungi today provide us with some of the best solutions we need to address many of the existential threats we face. In fact, Cordyceps-like fungi could replace most chemical insecticides with ecologically sound and economically scalable solutions agent.

But we live in a world that loves novels and stories, so if Cordyceps does become our enemy, do we still have a chance? Stamets concluded with an eye-opening statement:

“Breaking news: They’re everywhere, all the time, and you live with them 24/7. These fungi exist under every footstep you take.

Fungi can never be defeated.

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“Our survival depends on a peace treaty with fungi.

“Mycologists can provide clarification by becoming ambassadors…to our friends, amazing fungi!

So it goes without saying that fungi are friends.

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